Leonard Cohen        LEONARD COHEN

* AT THE BEEB (68)

31aug68    CD      9.5    Studio 2, BBC london

Radio appearance.Overal the sound is very good, but the tape has worn out a bit over time. E.g. during ´So Long Marianne´ there´s some wobbling disturbance.

You Know Who I Am / Bird On A Wire / The Stranger / So Long Marianne / The Master Song / There´s No Reason Why you Should Remember Me / Sisters Of Mercy / The Teacher / Dress Rehearsal Rag / Suzanne / Hey That´s No Way To Say Goodbye / The Story Of Isaac 


30oct80        CD     9.5         Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Complete and very inspiring show in good sound.

CD 1:
Hey That´s No Way To Say Goodbye / Who By Fire / The Window / Passing Through / The Guess / There´s A War / Suzanne / The Stranger Song / Chelsea Hotel no.2 / The Partisan / Story of Isaac / The Gypsy´s Wife / Famous Blue Raincoat
CD 2:
Lover Lover Lover / Memories / So Long Marianne / It Seem So Long Ago, Nancy / Joan Of Arc / Tried To Leave You / Do I Have To Dance All Night


9jul85    CD      9.5    Montreux

 The first half of this show.

Bird On A Wire / Law / Hey That´s No Way To Say Goodbey / There Is A War / Who  By the Fire / Dance me To The End Of Love / Diamonds In the Minefield / Night comes On / Gypsy´s Wife / Hallelujah / A Singer Must Die / The Stranger Song / chelsea  Hotel / Famous Blue Rain Coat


18apr93  TAPE(?Gen) / CD  9         Los Angeles

 Some great songs from a great poet..Filler is Tom Waits.
 This same release I also have on CD (without the filler of course)                                                

Side 1:
First We Take Manhattan / Ain't No cure For Love / Coming Back  To You / DanceMe    To The End Of Love / Democracy / Waiting For A Miricale / The   Future
Side 2:
'm Your Man / Bird On A Wire / Everybody Knows / Avalance / Suxanne / TowerOf    Song / I  Can't Forget Filler: Tom Waits (Sydney mar79):Jitterbug Boy / Romeo Is Bleeding / Annie's   BackIn  Town 


21may93   2CD(r)  9         Congresshalle, Zurich

What appears to be a complete show from the canadian poet  with  the  deepvoice.                                                 

Disc 1:
Dance Me To The End Of Love / The Future / Ain't No Cure For Love / BirdOn    A Wire / Everybody Knows / Anthem / First We Take Manhattan / Avalanche / ChelseaHotel / Tower Of Bong / Democracy
Disc 2:
Waiting For The Miracle / I'm Your Man / Joan Of Arc / Closing Time / TakeThis    Waltz / Sisters Of Mercy / Hallelujah / I Tried To Leave You / So Long, Marianne