67-68     0.5TAPE(?gen)     7.5-8.5     Miscellaneous

A collection of TV-performances (Ed Sullivan, Smothers Brothers and Jonathan Winters show) from 1967 and 1968, plus two live songs from LA 5jul68. The TV performances have quite nice sound quality and the live stuff is even better.

Light My Fire (Ed Sullivan Show, 1967) / Touch Me (Smother Brothers Show, 1968) / When The Music's Over (LA, 7 May 1968) / The End (LA, 7 May 1968) / Moonlight Drive (Jonathan Winters Show, 27 Dec 1967) / Light My Fire (Jonathan Winters Show, 27 Dec 1967)


7mar67,10mar67     2.5TAPE(1gen) / 4CD(r)      9.5     The Matrix Club, San Francisco

Some fine performances of the band in their early days. These shows were visited by only a handful of people. Martin Balin (Jefferson Airplane's lead vocalist) was the owner of the place at the time and had a reel-to-reel device installed to record some of the Airplane's rehearsals. The doors used this to record some of their shows resulting in extremely good sound quality on these tapes . These shows took place before the release of their first single ('Light My Fire') so these recordings are really historical. Apart from all this, the shows were awesome! A real pleasure.
I had these tapes transferred to CDr.

Side 1:
10mar67:My Eyes Have Seen You / Soul Kitchen / I Can't See Your Face In My Mind / People Are Strange /  When The Music's Over / Money / Who Do You Love / Moonlight Drive
Side 2:
Summer's Almost Gone / I'm A King Bee / Gloria / Break On Through / Summertime / Back Door Man / Alabama Song / The End
Side 3:
7mar67:Backdoorman / My Eyes have seen you / Soul Kitchen / et Off My Life When The Music's Over /  Close To You / Crawling King Snake / I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
Side 4:
People Are Strange / Who Do You Love / Alabama Song / The Crystal Ship / 20th Century Fox / Moonlight Drive / Summer's Almost Gone / Unhappy Girl / Medley: -Me And The Devil Blues -Sittin' Round Thinkin' -Rock Me Baby
Side 5:
Break On Through / Light My Fire / The end


17oct67        CD(r)        7.5        Danbury Highschool

A nice early performance. Sound is only so-so.

Moonlight Drive / Money / Break On Through / Back Door Man / People Are Strange / The Crystal Ship / Wake Up / Light My Fire / Medley: The End, We Came Down, See A Rider, The End


'68-'70     2CD     7 / 8 / 8.5     TV Studios / Live

Collection of two TV-shows (17sep68 Copenhagen and 23may69 PBS New York) and two live shows (11dec70 State fair Music Hall, Dallas and 13sep69 Toronto Pop Festival, Varsity Stadium,CA). As a bonus there's an 11 minute interview by Richard Goldstein. The Dallas show happens to be the very last recorded performance of the Doors with Jim Morrison. Sound differs from 7 for the Dallas show, 8 for the Toronto show and 8.5 for the two TV-shows.

disk 1:
Alabama Song-Back Door Man / The Wasp (Texas Radio & ; the Big Beat) / Love Me Two Times /  When The Music's Over / Unknown Soldier / Tell All The People / Alabama Song-Back Door Man /  Wishful sinful / Build Me Woman / The Soft Parade / Interview by Richard Goldstein
disk 2:
Love Her Madly / Back Door Man / Ship of Fools / The Changeling / LA. Woman / When The Music's Over / The End


29sep68     1.5TAPE(?gen)     8.5     Stockholm, Sweden

Two shows, broadcast on Swedish radio. First show is about 40 minutes. The second show is about 75 min. Both have only faint audience noise. The track listing for both shows does have some overlap. There is some distortion concerning the vocals, because Jim Morrison at times screams too loud in his microphone.

Side 1:
Five To One / Love Street / Love Me Two Times / When The Music's Over / A little Game /  The Hill Dwellers / Light My Fire / Unknown Soldier
Side 2:
Five To One / Alabama Song-Mack The Knife / Back Door Man / You're Lost Little Girl /  Love Me Two Times / When The Music's Over / Wild Child / Money
Side 3:
Wake Up / Light My Fire / The End


1969     TAPE(?gen)     8.5     Studio(?)

Don't know much about this tape, except that it contains some awesome doors stuff. Heck, don't even know the track listing for this. It does contain songs like 'Petition The Lord', Elvis's 'Love Me Tender', something that might be called 'Rock Is Dead' and 'Train Song'.
Sound is pretty good but it is a bit high gen. tape making it a little muffled, but not too bad.
Filler is a 10min recording of the doors at Winterland, SF on 6feb70.

* MIAMI (69)

1mar69        TAPE(?gen)  / CD    6.5    Miami

The famous Miami show. Hear Jim provoke the lawmen.
I've had this tape transferred to CD.

Side 1:
Back Door Man / Five To One / Touch Me / Love Me Two Times / When The Music's Over
Side 2:
Celebration Of The Lizard / Light My Fire
Filler: Jimi Hendrix (with war), Mother Earth / Tobacco Road
Filler: Red Hot Chilly Peppers, 14aug94 - Woodstock


17jan70        2CD(r)    7.5        Felt Forum, NY

This one often is mislabelled as being from Westbury 1969 but the Felt Forum in January 1970 is the correct date and place.

CD 1:
Roadhouse Blues / Peace Frog / Alabama Song / Back Door Man / Build Me A Woman / When The Music's Over / Soul Kitchen
CD 2:
Light My Fire / Celebration Of The Lizard

* DETROIT (70)

8may70        2CD(r)    9.5        Cobo Arena, Detroit

What I think is a complete show from soundboard in great sound!

CD 1:
Roadhouse vamp / Hello to the cities / dead cats, dead rats / break on through / alabama song / back door man / five to one / roadhouse blues / you make me feel real / ship of fools / when the music's over / people get ready / mystery train / away in india / crossroads
CD 2:
Carol / light my fire / been down so long / love hides / mean mustard blues / carol reprise / close to you / I'm a king bee / rock me baby, heartbreak hotel / the end


5jun70     CD     9     Center Coliseum, Seattle

This is the complete recording of the Seattle tapes except for the encore, which was never recorded. Most 'cookies' only have an edited version (e.g. Train Jam is cut down to only a few minutes, where this one contains the complete 27 min (part I &; II)). There is a little bit of print through on the right channel, but only noticeable at very soft parts.

disk 1:
Hitler(poem) / roadhouse Blues / Back doorman / When The Music's Over / Someday Soon / Train Jam I (including People Get Ready, Baby Please Don't go) / Train Jam II (including Mystery Train, Crossroads) / Five To One / Break On Through


7jun70     TAPE(?gen)     9     Vancouver, CA

Taken from a Radio show (there's a female announcer). Sound is very good but there is a little bit of hiss.

Side 1:
Roadhouse Blues / Back doorman- Five To One / When The Music's Over / Who Do You Love
Side 2:
Petition The Lord (Poem) / Light My Fire (medley including Summertime and fever) / The End


30aug70     CD(r)        9     Isle Of Wight festival

Complete performance at the famous festival

Backdoor Man / Break On Through / When The Music's Over / Ship Of Fools / Roadhouse Blues / Light My Fire / the End

* FONTANA (02)

6sep02     2CD(r)        8.5     California Speedway, Fontana

Complete show from the new incarnation of the Doors, officially labelled as ´The Doors Of The 21st Century´ with Ian Asbury on vocals and Stewart Copeland on drums.  John Doe does some poetry reading on ´Ghost Song´and ´The Hill Dwellers´. Ian sure knew his classics as his performance is very much like Jim Morrison would have done it. During ´Light My fire Robbie Krieger plays an awesome guitar solo with ´Elenore Rigby´ tease. Waylon Kreiger plays guitar on ´Roadhouse Blues´ in the encore.´This was the first public appearance of the Doors since the early seventies (apart from a private rehearsal a few days earlier).
Sound is not too bad but a little bit distorted at some louder parts.

CD 1:
Intro by  Jim Ladd / Roadhouse Blues / Break On Through / When the Music's Over / Love Me Two Times / Alabama song / Backdoor Man / Fife to One / Strange Days /  / Ghost Song, the Hill Dwellers / Love Street / Moonlight Drive / Horse Latitudes / Wild Child
CD 2:
Summer's Almost Gone / LA Woman / Light My Fire / Riders On the Storm / Roadhouse Blues
Filler: <5 unknown songs / unknown band: Possibly Greg Allman, with Jay Collins and Floyd Miles in the mid nineties>