6feb98        2TAPE(2 / 3?gen)        9         Trade winds, Sea Bright, NJ

Well, not much I can tell you about this band. These tapes are the first I ever heard.
It's a bit of mixture of country, blues, rock music much resembling  Neil Young's stuff.
Filler is from an unknown date / venue

Side 1:
Christmas In Washington / Here I Am / Hard-core Troubadour / My Old Friend the Blues / Someday / If You Fall In Love / Mystery Train / You Know The Rest / Windfall
Side 2:
Telephone Road / More Then I Can Do / Now She's Gone / Fort Worth Blues / I Feel all right / Poison Lovers / Other Side Of Town / Somewhere Out there / Billy Austin
Side 3:
Devil's Right Hand / Nothing but You / All My Tears / Goodbye / Johnny Too Bad / NYC / The Unrepentant / Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby / Sweet Virginia / Guitar Town
Side 4:
I Ain't Never Satisfied / Dead Flowers / Johnny Come Lately
Filler: Baby Let Me Follow you Down / Angry young Man / Hometown Blues / My Old Friend the Blues / Someday