19jun74, 1983, 26oct88         3CD(R)      9     Aspen Folk Festival/BBCSight & Sound/Minneapolis

Three different shows from different years all in soundboard/FM quality

Cd 1:
19jun74, Aspen Folk Festival, Aspen
Down Drinking at the Bar/I Am The Way/Ode to Pittsburgh/Be Careful, There's a Baby in the House/Whatever Happened to Us/Bell Bottom Pants/Nocturnal Stumblebutt/Unrequited to the Nth Degree/Lullaby/Hard to Find/Guru (not sure about this title either)/Hardy Boys at the Y/Crimes of Passion/Rufus is a Titman/Disc of Gold/Avenging Claus/Peg-Leg Mama/Ride Me High/I know I'm Unhappy/Suicide Song/ Glenville Reel/Twist & Shout
CD 2:
1983, BBC Sight & Sound:
Final Exam/I'm Alright/5 Years Old/Revenge/I Don't Think Your Wife Likes Me/Golfin' Blues/B-Side/Mr. Guilty/Unrequited to the Nth Degree/Vampire Blues/Fear of Flying/Plane Too/Samson & the Warden/Fame & Wealth/Saturday Morning Fever/King of Sweden/Prince Hal's Dirge/Dead Skunk
CD 3:
Aphrodisiac/I'm Alright/Bill of Goods/B-Side/My Father's Car/You Don't Want to Know/Unhappy Anniversary/This Song Don't Have a Video/Thanksgiving/I Eat Out/I Don't Think Your Wife Likes Me/ Me and all all the Other Mothers/Your Mother & I/Mr Guilty/Unrequited to the Nth Degree/The Man Who Couldn't Cry/Down Drinking at the Bar/Lullaby
(with Richard Thomson:) Fly Paper/We Gotta Get Out of This Place