31oct73     CD(r)        9.5    Record Plant, Sausalito

From a radio show. Very good sound with some outstanding songs.

Rastaman Chant / Bend Down Low / Slave Driver / You Can't Blame The Youth / Stop that Train / Burnin' & Loatin' / Kinky Reggae / Get up STand up / Lively Up Yourself / Walk The Proud Land


12jan73         CD    9.5     The Boarding house, San Francisco

This was wrongly labelled as being from January 1973.
The sound (and performance) however is excellent! Probably not a complete show (too short) but a fine selection of tunes.

Trench town Rock / Weepin' And Wailin' / Midnight Ravens / Them Belly full / Rebel Music (Roadblock) / No Woman No Cry / Kinky Reggae / Stir It up / Lively Up Yourself / Get up Stand Up


7jul78             2CD(r)        9.5         Ahoy Hal, Rotterdam

Complete show in awesome sound (Either from radio or sound board). Marley at his peak!
Filler are a few songs from Chicago 1975

CD 1:
Positive Vibration / The Heathen / Them Belly Full / Concrete Jungle / Rebel Music / War->Trouble No More / Crisis / Running Away / I Shot The Sheriff / No Woman No Cry / Is This Love / Jamming
CD 2:
It's So Easy / Get Up Stand Up / Exodus
bonus: Chicago, 10jun75: Catch A Fire / Trench town Rock / Concrete Jungle / Midnight Raver / Talking Blues / Rebel Music / I Shot The Sheriff

* OSAKA (79)

10apr79             2CD(r)        9.5         Sun Plaza, Osaka

Complete show.
Filler is an interview where Bob explains Rasta and his music.

CD 1:
Positive Vibration / Concrete Jungle / I Shot The Sheriff / No Woman No Cry / Lively Up Yourself / War-No More Trouble / Running Away-Crazy Bald heads / The Heaten
CD 2:
Jamming / Is This Love / Get Up Stand Up / Exodus / Interview


23sep80             CD        9         Stanley Theatre, Pittsburg

Complete show in good sound although there are some strange stereo shifts. Not too disturbing but notable when listening on headphones.
This show was two days after the collapse Bob had in New York's central park. As it happens, this were to be the very last show he performed, sadly enough.
Natural Mystic / Positive Vibration / Burnin´ & Lootin´ / Them Belly Full / heaten / Wake Up And Live / running Away / Crazy Bald heads / War-No More Trouble / Zimbabwe / Zion Train / No Woman No Cry / Jamming / Exodus / Redemption Song / coming In From The cold / Could You Be loved / Is this Love