Manfred Mann´s Earth Band

* LONDON (73)

1973         CD(r)        9     London

Good sound.

Mercury / Buddha / Messin´ / Father Of Day, Father Of Night / Mighty Quinn


1974         CD(r)        9     Stockholm

Widely spread recording of what  is claimed to be from Stockholm. However, no exact date of any performance in that year in Stockholm could be found, so it might just as well be from another show.

Mercury-Saturn / Messin´ / Father Of Day Father Of Night / Give Me The Good Earth / Buddha / Mighty Quinn

* MUNICH (77)

1977         2CD(r)        7      Munich

I have no info whatsoever on this set, except that's from Munich 77. Not even a track listing and the indexing is way off on this one. 
Unfortunately the sound also is only so-so.


24jun00     2CD(r)        9     Copenhagen

Great performance in good sound.
'Don't Let It Bring You Down' is a Neil Young cover (and quite differently played). 'SOS' is the ABBA song (!), 'Father Of Day Father Of Night' is from Bob Dylan, 'Redemption Song' is a Bob Marley cover.

CD 1:
I´ll Give You / Shelter From The Storm / Nothing Ever Happens /  / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Martha's Madman / Don't Kill It Carol / Angels At My Gate / SOS / Father Of Day Father Of Night
CD 2:
Demolition Man / Blinded By The Night / Songs Of Freedom (Redemption Song) / Dave's On the Road Again / Mighty Quinn