24apr98         2CD(r)        9        Western MD College, Westminster

I have no idea where the tracks begin and end, so the indexing on these(home-made) CD's may be utterly wrong. Heck, I'm not even sure which tracksare on disc 1 and which on disc 2. At least, the setlisting seems correct

CD 1 & 2:
Head/Nebraska/Wank->Spaz Med/Letter Home/Timmy->Moth/Again And Again/ST.Fiction/Hi And Low/Rebubula/32 Things


10apr00         3CD(r)        9        Wetlands Preserve, New York

The premier of Moe.'s rock opera 'Timmy Tucker'. Great, outstanding performance.
First set is accoustic and the last set contains an awesome versionof Floyd's 'Interstellar Overdrive'.

CD 1:
Tuning/Spaz Medicine/Time Again/Bad Moon Rising/Nebraska/Blue EyedSon/Shake Your Hips/Spine Of A Dog

Timmy Tucker Rock Opera:
Timmy/New York New York/Imelda Mae/Paradise/Spanish Harlem/California/Timmy Theme
CD 2.
Timmy Tucke Rock Opera (cont.)
Timmy Escape/Rodeo Bar/Central Park Troll/Three Questions/Happy Boy/Bookie Topper/Queen Of Th eRodeo/Magical Mystery Cab/Jazz Wank/Buster Solo/Armageddon Jig/Strychine Waltz/NYC/End Narration/Timmy Tucker
CD 3:
Intro Chatter/I Wanna Be Sedated/Harder They Come/Rob's Blues/Tambourine/Interstellar Overdrive/3rd Stone From The Sun/Head/Encore Chatter/Captain America  


31oct00         4CD(r)        9         Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA

Complete halloween show where Moe. played Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety.
Unfortunatly, the recording at times suffers from some very loud static (sounds like a loose cable to me).

CD 1:
Somewhere over the Rainbow/DarkSideOftheMoon
CD 2:
Plane Crash/Threw It All Away/Opium/Gone
CD 3:
Moth/Meat->Winged Monkey Chant->Meat
CD 4:
Spine Of A Dog/buster/Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

* NEW YORK (02)

2oct02         3CD(r)        8.5         BB King Blues Club, New York

Complete show from MP3 source.

CD 1:
Linus & Lucy/Mexico/Spine of a Dog->Buster/Not Coming Down/New York City
CD 2:
Happy Hour Hero-> Recreational Chemistry
CD 3:
Opium-> lylellovit/Bodhissativa/Sensory Deprivation Bank