* VCR (87)

1987             CD        9.5        Europe

Labelled as ´87 Europe´. Possibly from an  FM broadcast. Performance is a bit uninspired and mediocre.

More Then Words/The Voice/Rock ´N Roll Over You/Tuesday Afternoon/Your Wildest Dreams/The Story In Your Eyes/The Other Side Of Life/Isn´t Life Strange/Veteran Cosmic Rocker/I´m Just A Singer (in a rock ´n  roll band)/Questions/Nights In White Satin


17jun93             2CD        9        New York

With a complete Symphony orchestra.
Probably the complete show, but there´s a fade-in/out after the second song where someone askes the taper for his ticket. During the show some people close to the taper can be heard talking occasionally. There´s one guy especially who´s shouting ´louder´ all the time.

CD 1:
Overture/Tuesday Afternoon/For My Lady/New Horizons/Lean On Me Tonight/Voice In The Sky/Say It With Love/Emily´s Song/I Know You´re Out/There Somewhere/The Story In Your Eyes
CD 2:
Lovely To See You/In Your Eyes/Isn´t Life Strange/The Other Side Of Live/I´m Just A Singer In A Rock ´n Roll Band/Nights In White Satin/Legends Of A Mind/Questions/Ride My See-saw.