25may98/3may89     2CDr           9        Bikini, Toulouse,/KZSU Studios, Berkeley

What appears to be a complete show. Filler are a few studio songs.

CD 1:
Groundhog´s Day/Here Come The Basards/Duchess And The Proerbial Mind Spread/Southbound Pachyderm/Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers/Kalamzoo/Pudding Time/My Name Is Mud/the Chastinsing Of Renegade/Bob´s Party Time Lounge
CD 2:
Seas Of Cheese-Over The Falls-Tommy The Cat/Silly Putty/Harold Of the Rocks
Filler: Studio 3may89: To Defy The Laws Of Tradition/John The Fisherman/Groundhog´s Day