1993     0.5TAPE(?gen)     9.5    Del Rey

Great sound, but since I'm hardly familiar with this band, I can't tellyou much more about this one.

Rocket/Today/Disarm/Drown/Hummer/Soma/Siva/Cherub Rock

* MACHINA II, the Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music (00)

sep2000     2CD(r)        Studio

The last studio album from the pumpkins not available in any store. Asa final farewell and a fuck you to the record label that didn't give themthe support they deserved, a limited pressing album was made (3x10"+2LP,5 discs in total) and given away to be bootlegged out among the fans. This2CD versions is downloaded from the internet in mp3 format. Tracks:
CD 1:
Slow Down/Vanit/Saturnine/Glass' Theme/Soul Power/Cash Car Star/Lucky13/Speed Kills/If There Is A God/Try Try Try/Heavy Metal Machine
CD 2:
Glass'Theme/Cash Car Star/Dross/Real Love/Go/Innosense/Home/Blue SkiesBring Tears/White Spyder/In My Body/If There Is A God/Le Deux Machine/Here'sToThe Atom Bomb