???         CD      8.5         Studio

(Not to be confused with their offical release of the same title) A collection of demo's of known and lesser know songs. Some version are not _that_ different, more 'unfinished'.

Keep Yourself Alive/The Night Comes Down/Great King Rat/May Fairy King/March Of The Black Queen/Father To Son/Killer Queen/Misfire/Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon/Bohemian Rhapsody/You Take My Breath Away/You And I/Who Needs you/Mustapha


Miscel        4CD         8.5-9.5        Miscel

A collection of live recordings. It is said that this 4 CD set contains all songs Queen ever performed live. I haven´t checked this, but it seems valid (or at least close). The tracks are all from different sounds so quality varies a bit. Most songs however are really excellent!

CD 1:
Keep Yourself Alive/Liar/Doing Alright/Son And Daughter/Modern Times Rock ´n Roll/Seven Seas OPf Rhye/See What A Fool I´ve Been/White Queen/March Of The Black Queen/Procession/Father To Son/Ogre Battle/Killer Queen/Now I´m Here/In The Lap Of the Gods/Stone Cold Crazy/Brighton Rock/Bring Back That Leroy Brown/Flick Of the Wrist
CD 2:
Bohemian Rhapsody/Love Of My Life/I´m In Love with My Car/You´re My Best Friend/39/Death On Two Legs/Sweet Lady/Lazing On A sunday afternoon/The Prophet Song/somebody To Love/Tie your Mother Down/You Take My Breath Away/The Millionaire Waltz/Good Old Fashioned Lover  Boy/Teo Toriatte/We Will Rock You (speed)/We Will Rock (slow)/We Are the Champions/Get Down Make Love/Spread your wings
CD 3:
My Melancholy Blues/Sheer Heart Attack/It´s Late/Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race/Let Me Entertain you/If You Can´t Beat Them/Dreamers Ball/Don´t Stop Me Now/Mustapha/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/Anotherone Bites The Dust/Play The Game/Dragon Attack/Save Me/Need Your Loving Tonight/Rock uit (prime jive)/Flash/Hero/Under Presure/Staying Power
CD 4:
Body Language/Calling All Girls/Put Out The Fire/Back Chat/Action This Day/Life Is Real (song for John Lennon)/Radio Ga Ga/I Want To Break Free/Machines/Tear It up/It´s A Hard Life/Is This The World We Created/Hammer To Hall/One Vision/A Kind Of Magic/Who Wants to Live Forever/Friends Will Be Friends/Tutti Frutti/Jailhouse Rock/God Save The Queen

* LIVE 1974 (74)

1974        CD         7.5        ?

No info on this recording but appears to be from 1974. "Now I´m Here" is from another unidenttified gig.

Procession / Father To SonOgre Battle / Son And Daughter / Keep Yourself Alive / Seven Seas Of Rye / Modern Times / Liar / Now I´m Here


24dec75        CD         8.5        Hammersmith Odeon, London

Show probably taken from a TV broadcast or radioshow.

Now I'm Here/Ogre Battle/Bohemian Rhapsody/Killer Queen/March Of The Black Queen/Brighton Rock/Keep Yourself Alive/Liar/In the Lap Of The Gods/Seven Seas Of Rhye/See What A Fool I've Been/God Save the Queen


26nov75        CD         8        Free Trade Hall, Manchester

Not for sure, but it may be a complete show.Bohemian Rhapsody is seguing into Killer Queen, March of the Black Queen and back again. Indexing on CD is off by seconds at some points.

Bohemian Rhapsody/Orge Battle/Sweet Lady/White Queen/Flick Of the Wrist/Bohemian Rhapsody/Killer Queen/March Of The Black Queen/Bohemian Rhapsody/Leroy Brown/Brighton Rock/Son & Daughter/Prophets Song/Stone Cold Crazy/Doing Alright/Keep Yourself Alive/Seven Seas Of Rhye/Liar/Now I´m Here/Brighton Rock


29mar76             2CD             8             Kousemenkin Hall, Osaka

At one time ,there was this legendary story about this 'cookie', which said: "Released in a limited edition of only 150 vinyls of which 100 were confiscated by the police". (This same legend also was mentioned on some Zappa boots) .
This CD set features the evening show where the LP version features the afternoon show.
Great show in pretty nice sound-quality. Great version of 'Now I'm Here' and a rare (and outstanding) performance of 'The Prophet Song'.  The Japanese audience can be heard though. There are a few females screaming their heads off and the audience is very clap-happy. Special thing: Freddy talking Japanese!

Disk 1:
Bohemian Rhapsody/Ogre Battle/Secret Lady/White Queen/Flick Of The Wrist/Bohemian Rhapsody/Killer Queen/The Mach Of The Black Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody/Bring Back That Leroy Brown/Brighton Rock/Son and Daughter/The Prophet Song/Stone Cold Crazy
Disk 2:
Doing Alright/lazing On A Sunday Afternoon/Keep Yourself Alive/Liar/In The Laps Of The Gods/ Now I'm Here/rock And Roll Medley/God Save The Queen


13mar77         2CD           8         The Arena, Seattle

What appears to be a complete show. Sound is good altough it hears like listening through a tube.

CD 1:
Orge Battle/White Queen/Killer Queen/The Millionaire Waltz/You're My Best Friend/Bring Back That Leroy Brown/Brighton Rock/White Man/The Prophet's Song
CD 2:
Somebody To Love/'39/You Take My Breathe Away/Bohemian Rhapsody/In The Lap Of The Gods/Now I'm Here/Medley/Liar


6,7 jun77 / 27Nov73         2CD           8         Earls Court, London / Townhall, Birmingham

This one is the same show as mentioned below,, but missing "Doing Alright" and "Keep Yourself Alive". The "Rock 'N' Roll Medley" is from june 7th.
This show was supposed to be released as Queen's first official live video, but because of technical problems during the beginning of the show, it never saw the light of day. A video sample of this can be seen on the 10th anniversery DVD edition of the "Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert".  1977.
The fillers are from 1973.

CD 1:
Procession/Tie Your Mother Down/Ogre Battle/White Queen/Somebody To Love/Killer Queen->Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy/The Millionaire Waltz/You´re My Best Friend/Bring Back That Leroy Brown/Death On Two Legs/Brighton Rock/'39/You Take My Breathe Away/White Man->Prophet Song
Bohemian Rhapsody/Stone Cold Crazy/In The Lap Of the Gods/Now I'm Here/Liar/Medley/God Save The Queen
Filler: 27nov73, Town Hall, Birmingham:Procession/Father To Son/Son And Daughter/Ogre Battle/Hangman/Keep Yourself Alive (cuts)


6,7jun77         2CD           8         Earls Court, London

Same show as above, only this one has "Doing Alright" and "Keep Yourself Alive". The "Rock 'N' Roll Medley" is from june 7th.

CD 1:
Procession/Tie Your Mother Down/Ogre Battle/White Queen/Somebody To Love/Killer Queen->Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy/The Millionaire Waltz/Death On Two Legs/Doing Alright/Brighton Rock/'39
CD 2:
You Take My Breathe Away/Withe Man->Prophet Song/Bohemian Rhapsody/Keep Yourself Alive/Stone Cold Crazy/In The Lap Of the Gods/Now I'm Here/Liar/Medley/God Save The Queen

* SAPPORO (79)

6may79         2CD           8         Makomani Ice Arena, Sapporo

CD 1:
Intro/We Will Rock You/Let Me Entertain You/Somebody To Love/If You Can't Beat Them/Medley/Get Down Make Love/You're My Best Friend/Teo Torriate/Don't Stop Me Now/Dreamers Ball/Love Of My Life/'39
CD 2:
Fat Bottomed Girls/Brighton Rock/Keep yourself Alive/Bohemian Rhapsody/Tie your Mother Down/Jailhouse Rock/Sheer Heart Attack/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/God Save The Queen


81,82,85             2CD             9.5            Argentina, USA, Tokyo

A complete show from Argentina, 1981 and as a bonus a couple of songs from the US-tour 1982 and a few tracks from Tokyo 1985. The US-tracks are a bit lesser in quality but the rest of these two long playing CD's are just awesome! (As is the show). Apart from the obligatory 'hits' they also play some unusual stuff as 'Let Me entertain You', 'Dragon Attack' and an 11+ min version of 'Keep Yourself Alive'. Highly recommended!

Disk 1:
Introduction/We Will Rock You/Let Me Entertain You/Play The Game/Somebody To Love/ Medley:Kille Queen-I'm In Love With My Car/Get Down Make Love/Save Me/Now I'm Here/Dragon Attack/Love Of My Life/Under Pressure/Keep Yourself Alive/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/Bohemian Rhapsody/Tie Your Mother Down
Disk 2:
Another one bites The Dust/Sheer Heart Attack/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/God Save The Queen/Medley:Seven Seas Of Rhye-Keep Yourself Alive-Liar/Medley:Ibrahim-It's a Hard Live/Medley:Stone Cold Crazy-Great King Rat-Brighton Rock/Jailhouse Rock/A Kind Of Magic/Is This the World We Created/Tutti Frutti/Hammer To Fall/Radio Gaga/Who Want to live Forever/I Want To Break free/Friends Will Be Friends


13jul85        CD     9.5    Wembley Stadium, London

Queen's outstanding performance at Live Aid!

Bohemian Rhapsody/Radio Ga Ga/Hammer To Fall/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/Is This The World We Created?


21jun86         CD             9.5             Mannheim, Germany

For fans (well, some anyway) 1986 was the best year ever when it came to live-performances. This CD give a good example of such an even but the running order is wrong.

Tracks: One Vision/Tie Your Mother Down/Baby I Don't Care/Hello Mary Lou/Tutti Frutti/In The Lap Of The Gods->Seven Seas Of Rhye/Tear It Up/Kind Of Magic/Under Pressure/Another One Bites The Dust/ Who Wants To Live Forever/I Want To Break Free/Improvising Jam/Now I'm Here/Love Of My Life/ Bohemian Rhapsody/Hammer To Fall/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/We Are The Champions.


11jun86             2TAPE             9                 Groenoord hallen, Leiden, Netherlands

Complete show (I was there). Considering the very poor venue and lousy sound, this recording still is a great achievement. These tapes sound better then what I heard at the show. 'Love Of My Life' is almost completely sung by the audience.

Side 1:
One Vision/Tie Your Mother Down/In The Lap Of The Gods/Seven Seas Of Rhye/Tear It Up/A kind Of Magic
Side 2:
Under Pressure/Another One bites The Dust/Who Wants To Live Forever/I Want  To Break Free/Brighton Rock
Side 3:
Now I'm Here/Love Of My Life/Is This The World We Created/I Don't Care/Hello Mary Lou/Tutti Frutti/Bohemian Rhapsody/Hammer To Fall
Side 4:
Crazy Little Thing Called Love/Radio Ga Ga/We Will Rock You/Friends Will Be Friends/We Are The Champions/God Save The Queen


27jul86             TAPE(1gen)             9.5             Nepstadium, Budapest

From FM-radio broadcast. Great show, with great sound. Also available on commercial video. 
See also ´Live Aid´ for Queen´s contribution at that show.