1975     TAPE(?gen)     9.5    The Hippodrome, Golders Green, London

Appears to be a transcription of a UK radio broadcast. Great sound!

Side 1:
Running Hard
Side 2:
Mother Russia / Prologue / Ocean Gypsy / Ashes Are Burning


14oct77        2CD         9.5     Royal Albert Hall, London

A complete show recorded for King Biscuit Flower Hour at the famous Royal Albert Hall with the Philharmonic Orchestra. The broadcast has never featured the complete show, but this 2CD-set does.
The sound I find much better then their 'Live At Carnegie hall' release (crispy and clearer) but there is a small drawback. One of the mics apparently has not been earthed very well, at some softer parts there's some buzz. (But not all that distracting). If it weren't for the buzz I would have graded this a 10!
The opening 'Prologue' is an Symphonic version  played by just the orchestra (great!)
This show features the complete 'Song Of Sheherazade' (25min) and a long 28min version of 'Ashes are Burning' including both a drum and bass solo.
As a bonus there's a live recording of 'Prologue' from 28jan79 at Asbury Part, NJ and a never before released studio track: 'You, parts 1 and 2'.

CD 1:
Prologue / Can You Understand / Carpet Of The Sun / Can You Hear Me / Song Of Sheherazade
CD 2:
Running Hard / Midas Man / Mother Russia / Touching Once (Is So Hard To Keep) / Ashes Are Burning
28jan79: Prologue
Studio: You (part 1 & 2)

* PASSAIC (78)

18jun78         2CD            9    Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ

Complete show as was broadcast at the New York radio station WNEW. Sound is pretty good (few abrupt edits inbetween songs) but at times the mixing is a bit rough.

CD 1:
Can You Hear Me / Carpet Of The Sun / Things I Don't Understand / Northern Lights / Mother Russia / Day Of The Dreamer / Midas Man / The vulture Fly High / Running Hard
CD 2:
A Song for All Seasons / Prologue / Ashes Are Burning

* LONDON (78)

1978     0.5TAPE(?gen)     9.5     Paris Theatre, London

Probably from a radio show. Great sound.

Can You Hear Me? / The Day Of The Dreamer / Back Home Once Again / Can You Understand -> The Vultures Fly High / A Song For All Seasons