There are numerous resource on the net with setlist and bootleg information. Here are a few links I´ve found to be helpfull.

For a lot of Floyd recordings, the track-listing and a lot of other valuable info, can be found in the roio-database. (Point your browser to ). It´s a bit outdated, but still by far the best source I know of. In my list I have some references to entries in the roio-database.

If you are in need of artwork for Floydian roios, try here:

For the Neil Young recordings try Hypperrust. You may also want to refer Alan Jenkins ('Broken Arrow') wonderful book on this subject.  For Neil´s artwork there´s a great startingpoint at  .

For Bruce Springsteen I can recommend the 'Brucelegs ' pages:  or the Bruce Springsteen All His Music site (contains an awfull lot information on brucelegs and lots of artwork!). For the most complete setlist, the Brucebase is the best source (very up-to-date!)

For Phish, check out the 'Helping Phriendly Book' (HPB) which can be found at
This contains an almost complete overview of every Phish show ever taken place and it's kept very up-to-date. If you are in need of cover art, try The Phish CDR Cover Art Database which contains links to various resources.

For Yes, I can recommend two great sites: and .

For Nick Cave , I suggest the ´Collector´s Hell´

For Patti Smith , goto the Babelogue site.

For Radiohead,  the best resources are at atease

For David Bowie  goto Teenage Wildlife

For Mike Oldfield  goto

For Renaissance  goto Northern Lights

For Frank Zappa  there are also numerous source. Try the Zappa Bootleg Page.the Pages En Regalia  page or of course St.Alphonzo´s Pancake Homepage.

Setlists tfor various bands are at

If you are in need of cover art, try this site JAMAKA'S BOOTLEG ARTWORK LINKS which contains links to numerous sites containing artwork.I also have lots of artwork available in JPG or BMP format.

Of course there are numerous other internet sources. If you can't find the info you're looking for, ask me and I'll send any info you require and if you know of excellent internet references, please lemme know, too.