Red Hot Chili Peppers


1994        CD            9        ?

Nice older show but I haven't got a clue where or when this was recorded. Judging from the tracklist and the '1994' on the sleeve this must be from 1994 (or earlier).

Higher Ground/Blood Sugar Sex Magic/Me And My Friend/Pussy Baby/KnockMe Down/If You Have To Ask/Mami Where Is Daddy/Do What I Wanna Do/PleaseDon't Go/Nobody Weird Like Me/Under The Bridge/Crosstown Traffic


14aug94        CD            9.5        Woodstock

Complete show. The tracklisting on this (silver) CD was a mixtures of correct titles and some wild guesses. Below is the correct listing.

Give It Away/Suck My Kiss/Warped/Stone Cold Bush/If You Have To Ask/Organic Anti-Beat Box Band/Aeroplane/Blood Sugar Sex Magic/Pea/My Lovely Man/Higher Ground/Under The Bridge/Me And My Friends/The Power Of Equality

* READING (94)

28aug94        CD        9.5        Reading Festival, Reading UK

Complete show in excellent sound.

Give It Away/Suck My Kiss/Warped/Stone Cold Bush/If You Have To Ask-Walkabout/Backwoods/Aeroplane/Blood sugar Sex Magic/Pea/Higher Grounds/My Lovely Man/Under The Bridge/Me And My Friends.


26oct95        CD         9            Ahoyhal, Rotterdam

I think this is the complete show, but at least it´s the most complete recording.

Tracks :
Give It All Away/Suck My Kiss/Aeroplane/Warped/Walkabout/Backwoods/My Friends/Sweet Home Alabama/Coffe Shop/Sound And Vision/higher Grounds/Hey Joe/Transcending/Pea/One big Mob/Under The Bridge/Deep Kick/Me and My Friends

* GANGWAY (96)

14may96        CD         9            Sidney Entertainment Center, Sidney

Probably not the complete show, but close. .

Tracks :
Power Of Equality/Warped/Suck My Kiss/Walkabout/My Friends/Higher Ground/Pea/Shallow Be Thy Game/Aeroplane/One Big Mob/Under The Bridge/Give It Away/Deep Kick/Coffee Shop  


1999        CD(r)        8-9.5        Live/Studio

A collection of several live-recorings and some studio demos.

Live: If You Have To Ask/Me And My Friend (Stockholm)/Bass Solo (Woodstock)/Jam/Tiny Dancer/Sweet Home Alabama/Teatro/Dr. Funkenstein/Castles Made Of Sand
Demos: Parallel Universe/If You Have To Ask/I Want You Back/Bunkerhill
Live (pre-release dates): Emit Remmus/I Like Dirt/Scar Tissue
Interview fro Funky Monks video

* HAMBURG (99)

2jun99     CD(r)     9.5         Kultur Fabrik Kampnagel, Hamburg

Not the complete show, but the part that was release for fans.  The first two songs are actually the encore.

Stir Psycho Sexy/Search And Destroy/Religion/Give It Away/Scar Tissue/If You Have To ASk/Soul to Squeeze/Green Heaven/Policce Helicopter/Under the Bridge/The Power Of Equality


4jun99     CD(r)     9.5         Sodra teater, Stockholm, Sweden

Powerful show but I don't think it's complete. Last track is an interview with the band.

Emit remmus/Give It Away/Interlude/Scar Tissue/If You Have to Ask/AroundThe World/I coulve Have Lied/Californication/Blood Sugar Sex Magic/Soulto Squeeze/Me And My Friends/Interlude/The Power Of Equality/Interview


jun99     CD(r)     9.5         Milan/Hamburg

Taken from the June99 Milan show. Last two songs are from 2jun99 in Hamburg.

Emit Remmus/Give It Way/Tine Dancer/Scar Tissue/If you Have To Ask/Around The World/Right On Time/Under The Bridge/Me And My Friend/Yertle The Turtle/Power Of Equality/Peace Of Time/Stone Cold Bush/Stir Psycho Sex/Search And Destroy

* FIRE (99)

24jul99     CD(r)     9.5         Woodstock Festival, NY

From the live-broadcast, but not the complete show (which I have on another CD, see below) The ill-fated ending of the festival where  you can hear Flea telling people to coold down and have the fire men do their  job.                                          

Give It Away/Scar Tissue/Emit Remmus/A Soul To Squeeze/If You HaveTo Ask/Suck My Kiss/Right On Time/Californication/My Lovely Man/Easily/MeAnd My Friends/Sir Psycho Sexy/Fire/Star Spangled Banner 


24jul99     CD(r)     9.5         Griffiss Ariforce Base, Rome, NY

Complete from the live-broadcast. This one is more complete then ´Fire´ mentioned above.                                        

Around the World/Give It Away/Scar Tissue/Emit Remmus/A Soul To Squeeze/If You HaveTo Ask/Suck My Kiss/Tiny Dancer/Right On Time/Californication/My Lovely Man/Easily/MeAnd My Friends/Under The Bridge/Sir Psycho Sexy/Fire

* MOSCOW (99)

17aug99        CD(r)            9.5        Moscow

I´m not sure if this is the complete gig (I doubt it). Sound is pretty good but the crowd is mixed in far to load, upto a point where it becomes annoying.

Give It Away/Scar Tissue/Suck My Kiss/Californications/My Lovely Man/Under the Bridge/Me And My Friends/If you Have To Ask/Power Of Equality/Fire  


20aug99     CD(r)     9.5         Bizar festival, Cologne, Germany

From the german TV broadcast, what appears to be the complete show. Great performance!

Round The World/Give It Away/Scar Tissue/Suck My Kiss/Soul To Squeeze/ILike Dirt/If You Have To Ask/Organic/My Lovely Man/Right On Time/UnderThe Bridge//Me And My Friends/Stir/Psycho

* BIG DAY OUT (00)

26jan00     CD(r)     9         Big Day Out Festival, Sydney

Complete show, which apperently had some problems with the public as the bands pauses for almost 10 minutes after the first song in order to get some people to quite down.

Around The World/(crowd control)/Scar Tissue/Suck My Kiss/If You Have To Ask/Otherside/Skinny Sweaty Man/your Pussy Glued To a Building On Fire/I Could Have Lied/Easily/Californication/Right On Time/Under the Bridge/Me And My Friends/Soul To Squeeze/Power Of Equality


jul/aug00     2CD(r)     8.5         Pennsylvanio/Indianapolis

Two shows from the Peppers of which I do not know the exact date and venue. Flea welcomes the audience with naming Pennsylvania and Indianapolis. My best guest: Cd 1 (Pennsylvania) is either17july00 or 5aug00. CD 2 (Indianapolis) would be 7jul00 .

CD 1:
PennsylvaniaSir Phsycho Sexy/Ther´re Red Hot/Rap/-?-/Around The World/Give It Away/John´s Solo/Scar Tissue/Suck My Kiss/If you have To ask/-?-/Pea/I Could Have Lied/I like Dirt/Right On Time/My And My Friends
CD 2:
Indianapolis: Around TheWorld/GiveIt Away/John´s Solo/Scar Tissue/Jam/My Lovely Man/-?-/Otherside/-?-/Pea/I Could Have Lied/Parallel Universe/Jam/I Like Dirt/Californication/Right On Time/Under The Bridge/Me And My Friends


28,29oct00     2CD     8.5         Mountainview

Accoustic performance at Neil Young´s anual benefit. These also include the performances of Beck at the same show.´Beverly Hills´ is a Circle Jerks cover, ´Trouble´ is a Cat Stevens cover.

CD 1:
28oct00: Beck
Lazy Files/Lonesome Whistle/Forcefield/These Days I Barely Get By/Dead Melodies/Burro/Nobody´s Fault But Mine
28oct00: RHCP
Road Trippin´/Californication/Befery Hills/Breaking The girl/Otherside/Power Of Equality/Under The Bridge/Trouble
CD 2:
29oct00: RHCP
Road Trippin´/Californication/Befery Hills/Scar Tisseu/Parallel Universe/Otherside/I Could Have Lied/Trouble
29oct00: Beck
Tropicalia/Bottle Of Blues/Sing It Again//Nobody´s Fault But Mine/Go Easy/O Maria/Static/Burro


21jan01     2CD     9.5         Rock City, Barra Da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

The complete performance of the Chili´s at, what is said to be the largest rockfestival in the world. It is claimed to have an audience of over  1 million. The sound is excellent, altough at times the crowd is mixed in a little to loud for my taste.

CD 1:
Around the World/Give it Away/Scar Tissue/Suck My Kiss/If you Have to Ask/Otherside/Beveryly Hills (cricle Jerks)/Emit Remmus/I Could Have Lied
CD 2:
I Like Dirt/Californication/Right On Time/Under the Bridge/My And My Friends/Soul  To Squeeze/Search & Destroy

* UTRECHT (01)

23aug01     2CD     6         Oranje Hal, Utrecht, NLl

The complete performance from a poor show, in a poor hall and pretty poor sound as well. I was at this show and I am still disgusted that the organisors even still allow concerts to take place at such a poor spot.

CD 1:
Around The World / You´re Gonna Get Yours (intro' / Give It Awa / Scar Tissue / Higher Ground / Christine / Otherside / Forming / I Could Have Lied / Fortune Faded / Californication / Parallel Universe / Good God Jam / Blood Sugar Sex Magic / Pea / Universally Speaking / Right In Time / Under The Bridge / Me And My Friends
CD 2:
Sir Phycho Sexy / The´re Red Hot / Fire

* HAMBURG (02)

7jun02     CD     8.5          Saturn Parkhausdach, Hamburg

I don´t think this is the complete show. There are some minor skips all throughout the recording. MP3 source..

By The Way/Sar Tissue/Can´t Stop/Otherside/Universally Speaking/Give It Away/I Could Die For You/I Could Have Lied/Don´t Forget Me/Right On time/Californication/The Power Of Eqality


29jun02     CD     9-10          Wrechter, Belgium/Studio

Part of the show at the Rock Wrechter festival in Belgium and a good 40 minutes of bonus material. At the end of ´Parallel Universe´ part of the Doors´s `the End´ is sung. ´Fox On The Run´ is a cover from the seventies band The Sweet. `Teenager in Love´ is (indeed, believe it or not) a cover of the 1958 song from Dion and the Belmonts .

Wrechter: Give It Away/Soul To Squeeze/Jam/Parallel Universe/Right On Time/Fox On The run/Don´t Forget Me/By The Way/Scar Tissue
Studio:Time/Teenager In Love/Gang Li/Instrumental/How Strong/Road Tripping (no strings)/Parallel Universe (alt.)/Teatro Jam/Fat Dance/Right On Time (alt.)/Yertle Trilogy (MTV live 14jul99)/I Found Out

* SANTIGO (02)

9oct02     2CD     9.5        Pista Atlética del Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile

Complete show from the FM broadcast.

CD 1:
Jam/By the way/Scar tissue/Around the world/Universally Speaking/Otherside/Suck my kiss/The Zephyr Song/Throw Away Your Television/Parallel Universe
CD 2: Don't Forget Me/If You Have To Ask/Right On Time/I Could Have Lied/Can't Stop/Californication/Give it away/        Under the bridge/Me and My Friends

* JAPAN (02)

2nov02     2CD     8         Makuhari Messe, Tokyo

Complete show. ´Californication´ , ´Venice Queen´  and ´Give It Away´ have a few seconds of some other music interferring. MP3 source.

CD 1:
 Intro/By The Way/Scar Tissue/Around the World/Universally Speaking/Otherside/Suck My Kiss/the Zephyr song/Parallel Universe/Don´t Forget Me/If you Have To Ask/Right On time/I Could Have Lied
CD 2:
Can´t Stop/Californication/Venice Queen/Give It Away/Chad Solo/Under the Bridge/My And My Friends

* DENVER (03)

20jun03     2CD     9        Fiddler´s Green Amphitheatre, Denver

Complete show.

Disc 1:
Intro Jam / By The Way / Scar Tissue / Around The World / Maybe ("Chantels" cover - John Frusciante solo) / The Zephyr Song / Suck My Kiss/Latest Disgrace ("Fugazi" cover - John F. on vocals) / Parallel Universe / I Feel Love ("Donna Summer" cover - John F. on vocals) / This Is The Place / Otherside / Throw Away Your Television / Purple Stain
Disc 2:
Don't Forget Me / London Calling ("The Clash" cover)>Right On Time / Soul To Squeeze / Can't Stop / Venice Queen / Give It Away / Under The Bridge / Fire (J. Hendrix cover)


10sep03     2CD     8         Tweeter Center, Mansfield

Almost complete show, only the first song (´By The Way´) is missing.

CD 1:
Scar Tissue/Flea solo/Around The World/Maybe/The Zephyr Song/Latest Disgrace/Parallel Universe/Suck My Kiss/Havana Affair/Otherside/Throw Away Your Television/If You Have to Ask
CD 2:
Don´t Forget Me/Right On Time/Soul To Squeeze/Can´t Stop/Venice Queen/Give It Away/Flea & Chad jam/Under The Bridge/Fire

* HYDE PARK (04)

19jun04     CD     9.5         Hyde Park, London

Part of the show that was broadcasted on the radio. Some (but not all) of these ended up on the official live release.

Can´t Stop / Around The World / By The Way / My Lovely Man / The Zephyr song / Get On Top / I Like Dirt / Instrumental / Californication / Right On Time / Drum Jam / Flea Trumpet Solo / Black Cross / Give It Away