Al Stewart


1970             2CDR     8        Warwick University

What appears to be a complete show. Sound isn't all that bad considering the period. The first songs suffers a bit from muffled sound and here and there there are a few minor flaws, but nothing really disturbing. Al talks quite a bit in-between the songs. highlight is the close to 18min + version of ´Love Chronicles´.

CD 1:
Swiss Cottage Manouvres / Zero She Flies / Electric Los Angeles Sunset / Songs Out Of Clay  / In Brooklyn / Room Of Roots / It's Alright Ma
CD 2:
the News From Spain / Old Crompton Street Blues / Elveston Place / Manuscript / Love Chronicles / A Small Fruit Song / summertime Blues / My Enemies Have Sweet Voices 


1973             2CDR     9        the Heath  Folk Club

Complete show in good sound. Indexing on these cd´s is a bit off.

CD 1:
Songs Out Of Clay / I'm Falling / Electric Los Angeles Sunset / Post World War Blues / Manuscript / A Small Fruit Song / Nostradamus / Amsterdam / Gethsemane Again
CD 2:
In Brooklyn / Life And Life Only / Swiss Cottage Manouvres / zero She Flies / My Enemies Have Sweet Voices / Just Like Tom Thumb Blues / Night Of 4th Of May


1974-1986             CDR     8-9.5        Miscel

A collection of unreleased tracks and demos. Some things are a real gem, others you may want to hear only once (if at all).

Ringing Of Bells / Merlin´s time / Absolute Sweet Marie / Candidate / Life In a Bottle / doubting Thomas / Company / Another Face In The Crowd / A Small Fruit Song / Dreaming / Josephine Baker / Electric Air / Danger zone / Tonton Macoute / Palace Of Versailles / Lyke Wake Dirge

* POOLE (?)

?             CDR     9        Poole

This one was just labeled as ´Poole´. I have no idea where this is. The date seems to be around the time ´Year Of The Cat´ was released since that song and ´On the Border´ are announced as ´new´. Al struggles a bit through ´Nostradamus´.

Flying  Sorcery / Soho Needless To Say / Rest In Peace / Oh Carol / Broadway Hotel / Timeless Skies / Nostradamus / Clifton In the Rain / A Small Fruit Song / Manuscript / Post World War II Blues / On the Border / Trains / Year Of the Cat

* BALLARD (93)

12sep93             2CDR     9        the Backstage, Ballard Seattle

Complete show with a hilarious story on how Al met all of the 4 Beatles. Great performance (with band). During ´On the Border´ there´s a brief problem with the sound (btw: awesome version!'
I'm not complete sure of all the correct song titles.
Filler are a few songs from Etta James in Seattle on 29aug91.

CD 1:
Antarctica / Lucy / Genie On The Table top / Time Passages / You See Him In Your Dreams / On Stage Before / On the Border / Soho Needless to Say / And In The Evening ...(?) / Apple Cider Reconstruction / the Dark And Rolling Sea
CD 2:
Year Of The Cat / Roads To Moscow / Valentino Way
Filler:Etta James, Mural Amphitheatre, Seattel, 29aug91
intro / -?- / -?- / I´d Rather Be A blind Girl / Damn Your Eyes / Come To Mama / Your Good thang / Sugar On The Floor


7sep95             2CDR         9        Club Miami, Philadelphia

Complete show with guest guitar player.´Night Train To Munich´ is dedicated to the gypsy-jazz guitarist Jango Reinnhard.

CD 1:
Apple Cider Constitution / Night Train To Munich / Joe The Georgian / Broadway Hotel / Antarctica / Genie On A Table Top / Modern Times
CD 2:
Roads To Moscow / Bob´s Your Uncle / Little Wing / Marion Davis / On The Border / Year Of The Cat / Terminal Eyes / Time Passages


10oct98             CD        9.5        The Block, Southampton, UK

Great sounding solo acoustic show. It's a soundboard or possibly and FM broadcast..

Flying Sorcery  /  Antarctica  /  Timeless Skies  /  Broadway Hotel  /  Not The One  /  On The Border  /  Clifton in the Rain-A Small Fruit Song  /  Roads to Moscow  /  End of the Day  /  Soho, Needless to Say  /  The Candidate  /  Genie on the Table Top  /  Apple Cider Reconstitution  /  Optical Illusion