Jul88        3CD            9.5         Los Angeles

Great show during Sting's tour at big halls and stadiums. This one, however is in a smaller club. Playing Sting's original songs as well as a load of covers from artists as Zappa, Guthrie, Brecht/Weil, Brell, Hendrix, Gershwin and of course The Police.

CD 1:
Someone To Watch Over You/Sister Moon/Lazarus Heart/Too Much Information/Englishman In New York/Rock Steady/Straight To My Heart/Tempted/One World (not Three)/If You Love Somebody
CD 2:
Bring On The Night/When The World Is Running Down/Lonely House/The Idiot Bastard Song/I Don't Wanna Be/LA Promise/Instrumental/They Dance Alone/Consider Me gone/King Of Pain
CD 3:
Be Still My Beating Heart/Walking In Your Footsteps/Fragile/Litte Wing/The Secret Marriage/Don't Stand so Close To Me/Mack The Knife/Cario Mie Bien/Ne Me Quite PAs/Home On The Ranch/Every Breath You Take

* LAS VEGAS (93)

15,16may93         2CD(r)     9.5        Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas,

Two complete shows (opening for the Greatful Dead) almost completely from soundboard. A few missing parts are added from an (excellent!) audience tape to make it a complete show. Sound as well as performance is just awesome!

CD 1:
May 15, 1993
Tea In The Sahara - Consider Me Gone/Walking On the Moon/If I Ever Lose My Faith In You/Love Is Stronger Than Justice/A Day In The Life/Fields Of Gold/Synchronicity II/Roxanne/Englishman In New York/King Of Pain/Bring On The Night - When The World Is Running Down (part audience)/Every Breath You Take (audience)
CD 2:
May 16, 1993
Blackbird (audience)/Ain't No Sunshine/Children's Crusade/Seven Days/Everything Little Thing She Does Is Magic/Fortress Around Your Heart/Penny Lane/It's Probably Me - Sister Moon/Shape Of My Heart/Purple Haze/Message In A Bottle/She's Too Good For Me/Nothing 'Bout Me/Fragile (part audience)


12jan01     2CD(r)     9.5        Rock City, Barra Da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Complete show from the famous festival

CD 1:
If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free/After The Rain Has Fallen, We´ll Be Together/Perfect Love...Gone Wrong/Seven Days/Fill Her Up/Fields Of Gold/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/An Englishman In New York
CD 2:
Brand New Day/Roxanne/Desert Rose/Bring On The Night, When The World Is Running Down/Prologue (If I Ever Loose My Faith In You)/Every Breath You Take/Fragile