the Tea Party


Miscel.         TAPE (mostly 1.gen)        8.5-9.5     Miscel.

A complition of studio recordings, live performances and radio sessionbythis Canadian band. I had never heard this band before but  I considerit one of the best, refreshing, talented  and impressive bands ofthenineties.
Since the songs are all from different sources the soundquality differsabit, too. Most however are very, very good but one or two are a bit less(Butstill very enjoyable!).
Highly recommended!

Side 1:
Walk With Me/The River/Fire In the Head/Winter Solstice (JJJ Australia94)/Sister Awake/The Edges Of Twilight (w/Roy Harper)/Baby What You TryingTo Do/Save Me (JJJ Australia 94)/Inanna (WRIF Detroit 95)
Side 2:
Transmission/Sister Awake (Alhambra CD)/The River (Alhambra tour versionfrom the Australian Temptation single)/Turn The Lamp Down Low (Montreal,11nov96)/Temptation/Helalisa (MMM Australia 94)/Sister Awake (MMM Australia94)/Release (MMM Australia94)/Turn The Lamp Down low (CFNY, Toronto 23mar95)


Miscel.         CD(r)        9.5     Miscel.

A collection of some studio and live recordings."Psychopomp' cuts out early.

Studio: Great Big Lie/Underground/Touch
Live: Paint It Black/Fire In Head/Psychopomp/The Bazar


Miscel        2CD(r)        7.5-9        Misc.

A collection of miscellenious live tracks, all downloaded using Napster (so, mp3 source).

Cd 1:
The Sun's Going Down/Winter Solstice/Haze On The Hills/In This Time/Blues Jam/Heroes/One (U2 cover)/Paint It Black/Rakim/Shadows On The Mountainside/Save Me/Voodoo Chile->Dazed & Confused->The River/I'm Afraid Of Americans
CD 2:
Winter Solstice ->Sister Awake/Temptation/Can You See My Tears/Correspondences/Last Goodbye/Into My Arms (Nick Cave cover)/Underground/Why Does My Heart/Lovegrove/Sympathy For The Devil/Walking Wounded (live 2000)/Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

* HALIFAX (94)

15oct94         TAPE(?gen)     7.5    Halifax, NS

Sound could have been better..

The Bazaar/Fire In The Head/Cermain Slant Of Light/Edges Of Twilight/Correspondance/Walk With Me/Innana/Midsummer Day/Ave Me/Turn The Lamp Down Low/The River/Winter Solstice/Sister Awake

* TORONTO (96)

1996        CD(r)        8.5        Toronto

First part of a show where the band plays a (semi)accoustic set. Jeff is very talkative.

Percussion intro/Grand Bazaar/Annana/The River/Tear Me Apart/Save Me/Turn The Lamp Down Low/Sister Awake


8mar96         TAPE(?gen)        7    University Of Waterloo, ON

Not too good sound.

Side 1:
The Bazaar/Fire in the Head/A Certain Slant of Light/Correspondences/Walk with Me/Inanna
Side 2
Save Me/Turn the Lamp Down Low/The River/Winter Solstice/Sister Awake

* PINKPOP (01)

10jun02         CD           9.5            Pinkpop festival, Landgraag

Complete show from the Pinkpop festival. Taken from the VPRO webcast (excellent sound!).

Army Ants/Fire In the Head/Psychopomp/The Halcyon Days/The Bazaar/The Messenger/Love Will Tear Us Apart/Temptation/Winter Solstice-Sister Awake-Heroes

* SYDNEY (02)

12feb02         2CD           9.5            Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Complete show in excellent soundquality. I believe from soundboard. Source was mp3.

CD 1:
Interzone/Fire In The Head/Lullaby/Psychopomp/Apathy/Requiem/The Badger/Walking Wounded/The Halcyon Days/Angels/Cathartik/Save Me/Mantra
CD 2:
Temptation/Messenger/The Bazaar/Correspondences/Winter Solstice/Sister Awake/Interview


8nov02         2CD           8.5            Quebec

What I believe is a complete show where the band plays with a big symphony orchestra.The orchestra gives the music a whole new dimension to it. Sound is not too bad but a bit distant.´Save Me´features ´Halleluja´ in the middle.
Source was mp3.

CD 1:
Temptation/Psychopomp/Soulbreaking/Gone/White Water Siren/Save Me/Inanna/Walking Wounded/Correspondences Symphony Massey/Take Me Away
CD 2:
Requiem/Release/Transmission/Mantra/Messenger/Winter Solstice-Sister Awake


7sep03             2CD           9.5            commodore Ballroom, Vancouver

Complete show as was made officially available for download (mp3).

CD 1:
The River / Fire In The Head / Lullaby / Psychopomp / Shadows On The Mountainside / In This Time / Inanna / Walking Wounded / sun is Going Down
CD 2:
The Halcyon Days / Correspondences / The Bazaar  / Carthartik / Save Me / Manira / Temptation / The Messenger / Sister Awake