23mar75     TAPE(?gen)     7.5    Kezar Stadium, San Fransisco

A benefit show with Santana (30 min), Jefferson Starship (2 songs) andanall-star band including Bob Dylan and Neil Young containing songs fromaswell Dylan as Young. Although the source was a FM-radio broadcast thesoundisn't that great, due to the high generation of the tape. S.N.A.C.K.standsfor 'Students Need Athletics, Culture and Kicks', no joke!

Side 1:
Santana:Introductions/Incident At Neshabur/Black Magic Woman/GypsyQueen/Let The Children Play/Oye Como Va/Toussaint L'Overture/Soul Sacrifice/Jefferson Airplane:Somebody To Love/Volunteers
Side 2:
Neil Young,Bob Dylan Et.All:Introductions/Are You Ready For The Country/Ain't That A Lot Of Love/Looking For A Love/Loving You Is Sweeter/I Want You/The Weight/Helpless-Knocking On (Heavens) Dragons Door/Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Filler:Roger Water(27jun84 Birmingham):Have A Cigar/Wish You Were Here


19jun96     TAPE(2gen)     9.5    Hide Park, London

Live FM broadcast but unfortunately not the complete show. Excelent performances by Alanis Morissette, Eric Clapton and The Who, who played their epic Quadrophenia. The Who had some guest playing on Quadrophenia, like Dave Gilmour, GarryGlitter, Zak Starkey and some more.

Side 1:
Quadrophenia:The Real Me/The Dirty Jobs/I've Had Enough/5:15/Drowned/Love Reign O'er Me
Alanis Morissette:Ironic/Hand In My Pocket/Forgiven
Side 2:
Alanis Morissette (cont):You Ought To Know/Wake Up/You Learn
Eric Clapton:Badge/Hoochie Coochie Man/Old Love/Every Day/Holy Mother


26nov97     2TAPE(1gen)     10    miscel.

A (re)broadcast of the dutch radio station VPRO including several rareand exclusive concerts from the sixties and seventies. Most of these wereonly broadcasted once (yeaaars ago) and some were never ever broadcastedbefore.
Included are recordings of Tom Waits, Birds, Steelers Wheel, Pink Floyd,Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa and some other. The Steelers Wheel song'Stuck In The Middle With You' cuts over tapesides (had to change the tape).
Recorded directly from radio so the sound is superb.

Side 1:
Tom Waits (april 79, The Netherlands): A Whino's Lullaby/The PianoHas Been Drinking/Burdesq
Birds (Int. Pop Festival, May 68, Rome)
Graham Parsons/Emmelou Haris (Hemstead, 1973): We';; Step Out The Ashes/Down By The Creek/Drugstore Driving Man
Steelers Wheel (11jun73, Pink Pop, The Netherlands):Late Again/StuckIn The Middle With You (cuts)
Side 2:
Captain Beefheart (11nov79, Paradiso, Amsterdam):Hot Hot/Ashtray Heart/Dirty Blue Jean/Dr.Bark/Bad Chain Pullen/My human Gets The Blues/Candy Corn
Side 3:
Pink Floyd (17sep69, concertgebouw, Amsterdam): Daybreak/Work-Afternoon/Doing It/Sleep (intro)/Sleep/Nightmare
The Band (1971): Time To Kill/Wheels On Fire/Cripple Creek Ferry
Frank Zappa: (VPRO's PikNik TV show, 16jul70): Interview
Side 4:
Frank Zappa: (VPRO's PikNik TV show, 16jul70): Wonderful Whino/Concentration Man/Mom And Dad/The Air/Dogbreath/We Are The Other People/You Didn't TryTo Call Me/Call Any Vegetable/King Kong


17feb98     2TAPE(1gen)     10    miscel.

A second broadcast of live recordings from the dutch radio. This time itfocussed on the 3 day festival held at Paradiso in Amsterdam on 22-24 August1968 and on shows held at the Concertgebouw in 1969.
It features two great songs by Humple Pie (w/ Steve Marriot and PeterFrampton), A very early performance of Deep Purple's Child In Time (cutsout a little bit early due to the hourly newsbroadcast, but see under DeepPurple for a more complete recording of this show), Some hilarious partof the Bonza Dog Do Dah Band (w/ Monty Pytons' Eric Idle) etc.
Highlight is the second part of Pink Floyd's performance of "The ManAnd The Journey" from 17sep69. The first part can be found on vol.1.
In between the live clips there quite some background talk on clubsas Paradiso and Fantasio byt special guest 'Willem De Ridder', one of thefounders ofParadiso. Of course it's in dutch, but I can edit that out.
Recorded directly from radio so the sound is superb.

Side 1:
Steamhammer: Junior's Wailing
Humble Pie: Halleluja, I just Love Her So/Wrist Job
Deep Purple: Kneel And Pray
Side 2:
Deep Purple: Child In Time
Bonza Dog Do Dah Band: Urban Spaceman/Canyons Of Your Mind/Roler Press
Ainsley Dunbar: Evil
Side 3:
Jefferson Airplane: Somebody To Love/Today
Pink Floyd: The Journey
Side 4:
Country Joe And the Fish: Fixing To Die Rag


29apr98     2TAPE(1gen)     10    miscel.

A third broadcast of live recordings from the dutch radio. Again focussed on the late sixties/early seventies era, including mostly recordings done by the VPRO.
Contains a rare recording of Pink Floyd from 1968 (one of the oldestpost-barret recordings available).
Futhermore a bit from Manassa's very first performance, an awesomecoupleof songs by Nico (one of them in German) and the post-Reed/CaleVelvet Underground. All in perfect sound. Tracks:
Side 1:
Pretty Things (29mar69, Paradiso, Amsterdam): Good Morning (cuts in)/Alexander/Renaissance Fair/SF Sun
Jack Bruce (29jul71, VPRO's Campus)
Ian Matthews:.....
Side 2:
Velvet Underground (19nov71, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam):I'm WaitingFor MyMan/Where And What Goes On In My Mind/Cool It Down
Nico: The Falkenier/interview/Akward Position/Abschied
Side 3:
Keven Ayers (30jul70, VPRO's Piknik): Radio Lady/Lowlands Away
Birds (7jul70, Concertgebouw): Going Nowhere/Love Of The Bayou/OldBlue/
Pink Floyd (5may68, Rome):Astronomy Domine/interview with Roger Waters/Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Side 4:
Manassas (22mar72)