Tom Waits



Miscel.      5CD(r)        8.5-10        Miscel.

A collection of Tom Waits songs from different sources. Lots of them are studio recordings but there are also live performances. This is a great collection of Waits songs!  Sound quality varies a little bit but most of them are in excellent (close to perfect) sound.
For more details, goto the ´Tales From The Undergound´  page

CD 1:
Blue Skies/Jersey Girl/Whistling Past The Graveyard/Mr. Henry/DowntownTrain/I'm Not Your Fool Anymore/Adios Lounge/Sea Of Love/Silent Night/LittleMan/What Keeps Mankind Alive/The Darfs Machine Songs/The Piano Has BeenDrinkin'/It's Alright/Tommy The Cat/Filipino Box Spring Hog/16 Shells FromA Thirty-ought-six/Rain Dogs
CD 2:
Wainting For Waits/I'll Never Let Go Of Your Hands/Walk Away/SleepTonight/I'm Crazy About My Baby/Pontiac/Take Care Of All Children/Serrano/TheFall OfTroy/Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet/Martin Goes And Does WhereIt's At/EggsAnd Saucage/Date To Church/Metrotown/Thousand Bing Banas/DownThere By TheTrain/Sweet And Shiny eyes/Fumbling With The Blues/Drunk ToThe Moon/VirginiaAvenue/Tango Till They Sore
CD 3:
Little Drop Of Poison/What Else Is new/(slam) Little Sheep/Jersey Girl(w/Bruce Springsteen)/Suitcase I/Paradise Alley/Annies Back In Town/SuitcaseII/Strange Weather/Standing On The Corner/Movie/No One Can Forgive Me ButMy Baby/Playing Hooky/A Nickel's Worth Of A Dream/Mr. Henry/Smugglers Waltz/OnceMore Before I go/Straydog Help Yourself/Candy Mountain/Rainbow Sleeves
CD 4:
Saying All My Love For You/What Else Is New/Chase The Clouds Away/Flash Pan Hunter/Memorie Of What/Hang On St. Christopher/World Adventure, River Of Man/Empty Pockets/Old Time Feelin'/Ol'55 Story/Louise/Just Another Dime Store/Papa'sGot A Brand New Bag/Brother Can you Spare A Dime/Eggs And Sauce, Invitiaton to The Blues/Temptation/Purple Avenue/Hang On St. Christopher
CD 5:
On The Road/Coattails Of A Dead man/It Rains On Me/Do You Know What I Did Idi Amin/Putting On The Dog/It's Over/Book Of Moses/Babbachichuija/Highway Cafe/Helium Sunrise/Home I'll Never Be/Fever, Who's Sportscoat Is That/ (My Baby Left Me On A) Trash Day/I'm Big In Japan/Old Blonde Gal, Big Ol' Moon/White Rabbit's Lament/Till the Wheels Come Off/Revival Revelry


18dec76     TAPE(?gen)    8     the Bottom Line Club, New York

Side 1:
Egss And Sausage/Fumblin' with The Blues/Jitterbug Boy/The One ThatGot Away/Pastles And A G-string/The Ghosts Of Saturday Night/The HeartOf Saturday Night/Emotional Weather Report/I Wish I Was In New Orleans
Side 2:
Small Change/Spare Parts I/Invitation To The Blues/Depot Depot/SanDiego Serenade/New Coat Of Paint/Putnam County/Big Joe And Phantom 309/DiamondsOn My Windshield

* BREMEN (77)

26apr77     TAPE(?gen)    9.5     Alte Post Aula, Bremen, G

The complete show. Sound is excellent, taken from a Radio broadcast. (you can hear some FM static at selected points), however the mixing however could be a bit better. Tom´s voice is very much in the background.
The music is very much jazz/bigband on this show.

Side 1:
Spare Parts (Nocturnal Emission)/Invitation To The Blues/Eggs &Saucage/Depot Depot/The Piano Has Been Drinking/Panties And A G-String/StepRight Up/Semi Suite/Fumblin' With The Blues/Midnight Lullabey/EmotionalWheather Report
Side 2:
I Can't Wait To Get Off Work/New Coat Of Pain/Nobody/Diamond On MyWinshield/Grapefruit Moon/The One That Got Away/Small change  

* VPRO Radio (79)

20apr79     CD(r)       8        VPRO Radio, The Netherlands

A 4-track CD with some songs Tom sang for dutch radio.

* TOM WAITS IN HOLLAND (76, 79, 85)

1976-1985      CD(r)       9        Radio, The Netherlands

A collection of several Tom Waits appearnces for dutch radio.

1976: Interview
Live At Americain, Amsterdam 26may76: The Ghost Of Saturday Night/Fumbling With The Blues/Drunk On The Moon/San Diego Serenade/The Heart Of Saturday Night/Batter Off Without A Wife
Radio interview De Bazuin (KRO radio), 18apr79
VPRO radio: De Suite, 20apr79: WPRO Jingle/On the Nickel/The Piano Has Been Drinking/Pasties And A G-String/Jitterbug Boy/I Wish I Was In New Orleans, O When the Saints, A Sight For Sore Eyes/I Can't Wait To Get Off Work
Interview, VPRO radio 11jun85


5nov85     2CD(r)       8.5        De Vereeniging, Nijmegen,The Netherlands

complete show.

CD 1:
Underground/Walking Spanish/Jockey Full Of Bourbon/Big Black Mariah/Downtown Train/Jitterbug Boy/Annie's Back In Town/I Beg Your Pardon/Tango Till They're Sore/Ruby's Arms/Take Care Of All My Children/In The Neighborhood/Cemetery Polka/16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six/Shore Leave
CD 2:
Rain Dogs/Down Down Down/Blind Love/ $29.000/Step Right Up/Singapore/Chistmas Card From A Hooker/Till The Money Runs Out/Small Change/Red Shoes/Tom traubert's Blues.

* OAKLAND (96)

4feb96     2TAPE(?gen)     8.5   Oakland

Complete show. Filler is a bit from 1977 at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland.

Side 1:
I don't wanna Grow Up/Black Wings/Going Out West/16 Shells From A 30.06/Such A Scream/Jesus Gonna Be Here/Earth Died Screaming/Tango Till They're Score/A Little Rain/Broken Bicycles
Side 2:
Back In The Good Ol' World/Invitation To The Blues/Johnsburg, Illinois/On The Nickel/Christmas Card/All Stripped Down/The Ocean Doesn't Want Me/InThe Coliseum/Innocent When You Dream/Cemetary Polka/Falling Down
Side 3:
That Feel/Singapore/Heart Attack And Vine/Filipino Box Spring Hog/BigJoeAnd The Phantom 309/Gun Street Girl/Time/Lucky Day/Walk Away
Side 4:
The Fall Of Troy/Tom Traubert's Blues
Filler: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, 1977


11aug96     TAPE(?gen)     8.5    San Franciso

Filler is from an unknown date/venue but an awesome performance in verygood sound. (Acutally this is one the few tapes of which I appreciate thefiller even better then the rest :-) ).

Side 1:
Jitterbug Boy/I Wish I Was Never In New Orleans/Burma Shave/Ol' 55/Invitation To The Blues/Tango Till They're Sore/Back In The Good Old World/9th AndHennepin/Black wings/Fall Of Troy/Down There By The Train/Goin' Out West
Side 2:
Jesus Gonna Be Here/Filipino Box Spring/Fever/A Little Rain/GoodnightIrene (w/Sexton Escovedo and other)
Filler: Unknown.

* DEN HAAG (99) (first night)

20jul99     2CD(r)    8.5        Statenhal, Den Haag, TheNetherlands

Tom's show in my hometown which I miserably failed to attend since it was sold out in less then 45 minutes! Well, at least I have this recording.Sound is not all that bad, but a bit from a distant.

Disc 1:
Earth Died Screaming/Jockey full Of Bourbon/Jesus Gonna Be Here/GetBehind the Mule/Walk Away/Chocolate Jesus/Hold On/Eyeball Kid/What's TheBuilding/Tango Till They're Sore/Fall Of Troy
Disc 2:
Cementery Polka/Picture in a Frame/Lucky Day (cuts)/Innocent When YouDream (cuts)/16 shellss from a 30.06/Shore Leave/Pone/Filipino Box SpringHog/Raindogs/Fish In The Jailhouse/Strange Wheater/Come On Up To The House

* DEN HAAG (99) (second night)

21jul99     2CD(r)    8.5        Statenhal, Den Haag, TheNetherlands

Tom's second show in my hometown which I miserably failed to attend since it was sold out in less then 45 minutes! Well, at least I have this recording.

CD 1:
Jokey Full Of Bourbon/Earth Died Screaming/Jesus Gonna Be Here/GetBehindThe Mule/Strange Weather/Choloat Jesus/Hold On/Eyeball Kid/What'sHe Building/Tango Till They're Sore/A Little Rain/Cemetary Polka/InvitationTo The Blues
CD 2:
Innocent When You Dream/16 Shells From A Thirty Ought Six/Shore Leave/Who Are You/Filipino Box Spring Hog/Big In Japan/Fish In The Jailhouse/ComeOn Up To The House/In The Neighbourhood/Take It With Me

* PARIS (2000)

30may00     2CD(r)       8.5        Le Grand Rex, Paris

complete show.

CD 1:
Lucky Day Ouverture, The Black Rider/Goin'Out West/.Jesus gonna Be There/In The Colosseum/Strange Weather/Get Behind The Mule/Chocolate Jesus/Hold On/Down Down Down/Tango Till They're Sore/Fall Of Troy/Cemetery Polka/House Where Nobody Lives
CD 2:
Invitation To The Blues/Innocent When You Dream/16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six/Gun Street Girl/Cold Cold Ground/Rain Dogs/I'll Shoot The Moon/Eyeball Kid/Big In Japan/Pony/Lucky Day/Jockey Full Of Bourbon/Time

* FLORENCE (2000)

24jul00     2CD(r)       8.5        Teatro Comunale, Florence, It

complete show.

CD 1:
Jockey Full OfBourbon/Earth Died Screaming/Jesus Gonna Be Here/Get Behind The Mule/Chocolate Jesus/Hold on/Eyeball Kid/Tango Till They're Sore/That Feel/I Beg Your Pardon Dear/Briar And the Rose/Innocent When You Dream
CD 2:
16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six/Shore Leave/Strange Weather/Who Are You/Filipino Box Spring Hog/In Th eColosseum/Temptation/Cold Water/Big In Japan/Lookin'For The Heart Of Saturday Night/House Where Nobody Lives

See also the VPRO radio shows ("Music While You're Sleeping") mentioned below for some more Waits.