The Who


18jun67        0.5TAPE(2gen)         9.5        Monterey Pop Festival

The Who's performance at this legenday festival (second generation tape)

Subsitute/Summertime Blues/Pictures Of Lily/A Quick One While He'sAway/Happy Jack/My Generation


5ap68        CD         9        Fillmore East, New York

Not sure, but it may be close to the complete show.

Summertime Blues/Fortune Teller/Tattoo/Little Billy/I Can´t Explain/HappyJack/Relax/Easy Going Guy/Boris The Spider/My Generation/A Quick One While He´s Away/Shakin´All Over


-/-     CD(r)        9.5            Studio

Demos of a complete version of Tommy. All instruments and vocals are done by Pete Townsand. Excellent recording!


17aug69        TAPE(?gen)         8        The Music and Arts Festival,Woodstock

Famous performance from the famous festival.  Including the complete Tommy opera.

Heaven And Hell/I Can't Explain/It's A Boy/1921/Amazing Journey/Sparks/Eyesight To the Blind/Christmas/Tommy Can You Hear Me/Acid Queen/Pinball Wizard/(Abbie Hoffman Incident)/Fiddle About/There's A Docter I've Found/Goto The Mirror Boy/Smash The Mirror/I'm Free/Tommy's Holliday Camp/We;re Not Gonna TakeIt/See Me Feel Me/Summertime blues/Shakin' All Over/My Generation/NakedEye


14feb70        1.5TAPE(1gen)         10      Leeds University, Leeds, UK

The complete show which became famous for it's partial releae on vinylmany years ago. Only a few years ago, a larger part of this show (but stillnot complete) was also released on CD.
These tapes are a compilation of the offical extended release, addedwiththe outtakes that never made it to LP or CD, thus making it a completeshow!
The sound is awesome throughout and so is the performance. A complete'Tommy' plus several Who-classics. My favorite: Magic Bus!

Side 1:
Heaven And hell/I Can't Explain/Fortune Teller/Tatto/Young Man Blues/Substitute/Happy Jack/I;m A Boy/A Quick One While He's Away
Side b:
Ouverture/I's A Boy/1921/Amazing Journey/Sparks/Eyesight To The Blind/Cousing Kevin/The Acid Queen/Underture/Do You Think It's Alright/Fiddle About/Pinball Wizard/There's A Docter I Know/go To The Mirror/Tommy Can You Hear Me/Smash The Mirror/Sensatin/Sally Simpson
Side 3:
I'm Free/Welcome/Tommy's Holiday Camp/We're Not Gonna Take It/SummertimeBlues/Shakin' All Over/My Generation/Magic Bus


30aug70     2CD(r)        9.5      Isle Of Wight Festival

The who´s complete performance at the famous festival.

CD 1:
Heaven And Hell/I Can´t Explain/Young Man Blues/I Don´t Even Know Myself/Water/Ouverture/It´s A Boy/1921/Amazing Journey/Sparks/Eyesight To the Blind/Christmas
CD 2:
The Acid Queen/Pinball wizard/Do You think It´s Alright/Fiddle About/Tommy Can You Hear Me/There´s A Doctor/Go To The Mirror/Smash The Mirror/Mircale Cure/I´m Free/Tommy´s Holiday Camp/We´re Not Gonna Take It/Summertime Blues/Shakin´All Over-Spoonfull-Twist And Shout/Substitute/My Generation/Naked Eye/Magic Bus


29sep69/10mar73        2CD(r)        9        Amsterdam/Voorburg

A complete show from Amsterdam and most part of the Who´s performance at the Popgala TV broadcast in 1973. From the latter ´Magic Bus´ and ´Naked Eye´ are missing (the latter was not broadcasted).

CD 1: (Amsterdam:)
Heaven and hell/I Can´t Explain/Fortune Teller/Tattoo/Young Man´s Blues/A Quick One While He´s Away/Substitute/Happy Jack/I´m A Boy/Overture/It´s A Boy/1921/Amaing Journey/Sparks/Eyesight To The blind/Christmas/The Acis Queen/Pinball Wizard/Do you think It´s Alright/fiddle About /Tommy can You Hear Me/There´s A Doctor
CD 2:
(Amsterdam): Goto The Mirror/Smash The Mirror/Mircale Cure/Sally Simpson/I´m Free/Tommy´s Holliday Camp/We´re Not Gonna Take It/Summertime Blues/Shakin´All Over/My Generation
(10mar73m, Forum Kwadraad, Voorburg): Won´t Get Fooled Again/Summertime Blues/My Generation/See Me Feel Me/Pinball Wizard/Keith Dialogue


1970/1973     2CD(r)        9        Olympiuc Studios London

As the liner notes say ´from original reels and acetates´. All vocals are by Pete Towshand

CD 1:
baba O´Raily/Borpain/Love Ain´t For Keeping/This Song Is Over/Gettin In Tune/Going Mobile/Behind Blue Eyes/won´t Get Fooled Again/Peace & Easy/Mary/Too Much Of Anything/Join Together/The Releay
CD 2:
Put The Money Down/I Don´t Even Know Myself/Unused Piano/Love Reign Over Me/The Dirty Jobs/The Punk & The Godfather/I´m One/I´ve Had Enough/Bell Boy/Cut My Hait/Brrr


26apr71         CD(r)        9        The Young Vic Theatre, Waterloo, South London

Complete show, I think. Very good sound but some weird shifts in treble at some points.

Too Much/Getting In Tune/Gargain/Pinball Wizard/See Me, Feel Me/Baby don´t You Do It/Water/My Generation/Roadrunner/Naked Eye/Bont Maronie/Won´t Get Fooled Again


28mar81     TAPE(2gen)     9   Essen, Germany

Concert recorded for german Television ('RockPalast'). Mostly all timefavourites. Sound is good, but mono.

Side 1:
Substitute/Can't Explain/Baba O'reily/The Quite One/Don't Let Go TheGoat/Sister Disco/You Better You Better You Bet/Drowned/Behind Blue Eyes/AnotherTricky Day
Side 2:
Pinball Wizrd/Who Are You/5:15/My Generation/Won't Get Fooled Again/Summertime Blues/Twist And Shout/See Me Feel Me


24aug89     2CD         9     Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles

Complete concert with several special guests: Steve Winwood on ´Eyesight´, Patti Labelle as the Acid Queen, Billy Idol as Cousin Kevin, Phil Collins as Uncle Ernie and Elton John as the Pinball Wizard.
Source was MP3.

CD 1:
Ouverture/Captain walker/It´s A Boy/1921/Amazing Journey/Sparks/Eyesight To the Blind/Christmas/Cousin Kevin/The Acid Queen/Pinball wizard/Do You think It´s Alright/Fiddle About/There´s A Doctor/Go To The Mirror/Smash The Mirror/Tommy Can You Hear Me/I´m Free/Miracle Cure/Sally Simpson/Sensation/Tommy´s Holiday Camp/We´re Not Gonna Take It/See Me Feel Me
CD 2:
Subsitute/I Can See for Miles/Baba O´Riley/Face the Face/Love, Reign O´er Me/Boris The Spider/Dig/Join Together/Rough Boys/You Better You Bet/Behind Blue Eyes/Won´t Get Fooled Again/Who Are You


30oct99     CD         8.5     Mountain view

The Who´s performance at Neil Young´s anual Bridge School Benefit.

I Can´t Explain/Pinball Wizard/Behind Blue Eyes/Mary Anne with The Shaky Hands/Boris The Spider/Ring Of Fire/Who Are you/Won´t Get Fooled Again/The Kids Are Alright/I Shall Be Released (all artists finale'