David Bowie 


Miscel     TAPE(?gen)     9.5        BBC Studios

From a radio show featuring lots of Bowie's (live) recordings he did over the years for the BBC. Some are kinda wimpy tunes ('Love You Till Tuesday' e.g.) but there most of them are real gems.
In the Velvet Underground cover 'White Light / White Heat' Bowie references Lou Reed.
This tape is now a bit superseded with the officially release 'Bowie At The Beeb' set (which I can recommend btw.)

Side 1:
White Light-White Heat / Love You Till Tuesday / In The Heat Of The Morning / Let Me Sleep Beside You / I'm Waiting For The Man / Looking For A Friend / Kooks / Ziggy Stardust / Starman / Andy Warhol / Rock 'N Roll Suicide
Side 2:
If There Was Something / Moonage Daydream


20oct72         CD         10         Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Great old (complete) Bowie show, with the late Mick Ronson doing some fantastic guitar playing. The show was broadcast on FM-radio so the sound is the best you can get for something this age. In between two electric sets, Bowie plays some awesome acoustic songs.

Intro / Hang On To Yourself / Ziggy Stardust / Changes / The Superman / Life On Mars / Five Years /  Space Oddity / Andy Warhol / My Death Awaits / The Width Of A Circle / Queen Bitch /  Moonage Daydream /  John I'm Only Dancing / Waiting For The Man / the Jean Genie /  Suffragette City / Rock 'n Roll Suicide / Closing


20apr73             CD        8.5        Shibuya Kokaido, Japan

Bowie in Japan with a rare appearance of "Round And Round". Sound is good but a bit distant.

Intro / Hang On To Yourself / Ziggy Stardust / Changes / Moonage Daydream /  John I'm Only Dancing / Waiting For The Man / the Jean Genie / Time / Five Years / Let´s Spend The Night Together / Starman / Suffragette City / Rock ´n Roll Suicide / Round And Round

* LIVE USA (76)

12feb76         CD(r)          9        Nassau Coliseum, New York

Good sound but close to mono. ´Panic in Detroit´ features a drum solo and some scatting (but I'm not sure who).

Station To Station / Suffragette City / Fame / Stay / Panic In Detroit / Changes / TVC15 / Diamond Dogs / Rebel Rebel / The Jean Genie


11apr78         2CD(r)          9        Louisiana University Amphitheater, Baton Rouge

Complete show in good sound quality.

Cd 1:
Warschawa / Heroes / What in The World / Be My Wife / Jean Genie / Blackout / Beauty And The Beast
CD 2:
Fame / Five Years / Soul Love / Star / Hang On To Yourself / Ziggy Stardust / Suffragette City / Rock 'n Roll Suicide / Art Decade / Station To Station / Stay / TVC15 / Rebel Rebel

* MONTREAL  (87)

30aug87         0.5TAPE(?gen)      9.5     Olympic Stadium, Montreal

Selected songs from a  show that was broadcast on FM radio.  Outstanding sound quality.

Fashion / Never Let Me Down / China Girl / Heroes / Young Americans / Jean Genie / Fame / Blue Jean / Modern Love
filler: Bridge School Benefit, 1996: Aladdin Sane / Jean Genie (cut)  


11oct95         2CD         9.5         Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights

Taken from Bowie's tour with Nine Inch Nails. Some familiar old Bowie tunes but also the loud noise a-la NIN is there. Great show with great sound! The first track listed as ´Outside´ is really ´Subterraneans´.
´Scary Monsters´, ´Reptile´ and ´Hurt´ all feature Trent Reznor. The  final track ´Strangers When We Meet´ comes from  Top of the Pops on  the 27 October.

Disk 1:
Outside / Scary Monsters / Reptile / Hello Spaceboy / Hurt / Look Back In Anger / I'm Deranged / The Hearts Filthy Lesson / The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction / I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
Disk 2:
Outside / Andy Warhol / Breaking Glass / The Man Who Sold The World / We Prick You / Joe The Lion / A Small Plot Of Land / Nite Flights / Band Introduction / Under Pressure / Teenage Wildlife / Strangers When We Meet

* WEMBLEY (95)

17nov95         0.5TAPE(?gen)        8.5    Wembley Arena, London

A few songs from Bowie's performance at Wembley.

Look Back In Anger / The Man Who Sold the World / Strangers When We Meet / Hello Spaceboy / We Prick You / Teenage Wildlife

* UTRECHT (96)

28jan96         2CD        8.5        Prins Willem van Oranje Hall, Utrecht

Complete show and a rare recording (DAT -> analogue tape -> CD)

The Motel / Look Back In anger / The Hearts Filthy Lesson / Scary Monsters / Voyeur of Utter Destruction / I Have Not Been To Oxford Town / Boys Keep Swinging / Outside / Andy Warhol / The Man Who Sold the World / A Small Plot Of Land / Strangers When We Meet / Diamond Dogs / Hallo Spaceboy / Breaking Glass / We Prick You / Nite Flights / Teenage Wildlife / Under Pressure / Moonage Daydream 

* BBC (97)

1997         CD(r)    9.5    BBC Studio

And set of acoustic tracks. Awesome performance. The only drawback is that there are severe digiclick on 'Andy Warhol'.

Dead man walking / Quicksand / Aladdin Sane / The Man Who sold The World / Superman / Andy Warhol / Repetition / Lady Stardust / White Light, White Heat / Shopping For Girls / Always Crashing The Same Car / I Can't Read


25jun00         2CD(r)        8.5    Glastonbury Festival, UK

Bowie´s complete performance treating the audience with songs from all throughout his career.

CD 1:
Wild As The Wind / China Girl / Changes / Stay / Life on Mars / Absolute Beginners / Ashes To Ashes / Rebel Rebel / Little Wonder / Golden Years
CD 2:
Fame / All the Young Dudes / The Man Who sold the World / Station To Station / Starman / Hallo Space cowboy / Under Pressure / Ziggy Stardust / Heroes / Let's Dance / I'm  Afraid Of Americans

(See also  Nine Inch Nails  for collaborations of Bowie and NIN).
 (See also  Neil Young   for Bowie's Performance at the Bridge School Benefit).