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Date            Source(Generation)          SoundQuality       Venue

* RARITIES (Original version)

'66-'94     6TAPE(2gen)     6.5-9     Studio/live

A set of miscellaneous songs on 6 (!) tapes. All the rare, unreleased and hard to get songs of Pink Floyd and solos. Soundtracks, Demos, etc.etc. Compiled by members of the Floyd-mailing list 'Echoes'. This awesome collection contains all those floyd stuff you might be looking for, for years and most likely not find all of it. Highly recommended!
This is the prelude to an even more extensive collection of rarities which is released in 2000 by the title ´A Tree Full Of Secrets´ (see below)

Side 1:
Lucy Leave(First Floyd Recording)/King Bee(Ditto)/Let's Roll Another One (Early Version Of Candy And A Current Bun)/Sunshine(Unreleased Studio Song)/ Interstellar Overdrive(From French Ep)/Flaming(Us 45)/Flaming(Alternate Mix)/ Scream Thy Last Scream(Withdrawn Single)/Vegetable Man(B-Side Of Previous)/ It Would Be So Nice((BBC-Edit)/Jugband Blues(Outtake, Slow Version)/ Remember A Day(Ultra Rare Promo/Let There Be More Light(B-Side Of Previous)/ Julia Dream(Raw Demo (W/Syd ?))
Side 2:
Interstellar Overdrive(Sound Track To Movie San Fransisco)/ The Committee (Soundtrack)/More(Soundtrack)/Free Four/(Alternate Take from Movie)/Astronomy Domine(Spirit Of Capitol Sampler)
Side 3:
Point Me At The Sky(1969, Alternate Mix)/Moonhead(From BBC Moonlanding Special)/Merry X-Mas Song/Zabriskie Point Songs
Side 4:
The Embryo, Part I (Appeared Later On Picnic, The Harvest Sampler)/ The Embryo, Part Ii(Unreleased Outtake)/The Embryo, Fast Version(Ditto)/ One Of These Days(From BBC Radio Show)/One Of These Days(Early Demo)/ One Of These Days(Studio Remix)/Echoes(Outtake)
Side 5:
Money(Roger's Demo)/Money(7" Edit)/Breathe(7" Mono Edit)/Time(7" Edit)/ Us & Them(7" Edit)/Time(Studio Outtake)/Brain Damage(Studio Outtake)/ Us & Them(Studio Outtake)/Brain Damage(Studio Outtake From Pompeii)/ Us & Them(Studio Outtake, From Pompeii)/On The Run(Studio Outtake From Pompeii)/Brain Damage(First Ever Live Performance)/Pigs On The Wing I & II (From Snowy White's Goldtop Album)
Side 6:
Comfortably Numb(Dave's Demo)/Comfortably Numb(7" Edit)/Run Like Hell(7" Edit)/The Wall, Movie Soundtrack/The Heroes Return, Part I & II (Single Has Extra Verse)
Side 7:
Learning To Fly(Jon's Demo)/Learning To Fly(7" Edit)/One Slip(7" Edit)/ Dogs Of War(7" Edit)/Dogs Of War(Live Version)/On The Turning Away(Live Version)/Run Like Hell(Live Version)/Shine On You Crazy Diamond(Remix from The Selections Of The Box Promo Sampler)
Side 8:
Shine On In A Storm(1977 Remix Made For(By) The BBC)/La Carrera Panamericana(Movie Soundtrack)
Side 9:
Why Do Fools Fall In Love(Joker Wild Single)/Don't Ask Me(Ditto)/ Soundscape(From The Pulse Cassette)/Astronomy Domine(B-Side From Take It Back Single)/What Do You Want From Me(Cdingle Edit, Pulse)/Coming Back To
Life(Cdingle Edit, Pulse)/One Of These Days(B-Side)/Wish You Were Here
(Promo Edit, Pulse)
Side 10:
Take It Back(Extended Version)/High Hopes(Cdingle Edit)/Keep Talking (Cdingle Edit)/Take It Back(Cdingle Edit)/Lost For Words(Clean Version)/ One Of These Days(From Pulse Vinyl)/Blue Light(Instrumental Version)/ Blue Light(Extended Version)/Like A Rolling Stone(From BBC Interview, Dave's Home Studio Recording)/Wish You Were Here(From CNN, Hall Of Fame Induction)
Side 11:
5:01 Am , The Pro's And Cons ..(Extended Version From 12")/For The First Time Today(Parts I ;AMP; Ii Mixed Together)/The Hit(Movie Soundtrack)/Across The Universe(From John Lennon Tribute)/Me Or Him(Demo)/Radio Waves(Extended Version)/Going To Live In La(B-Side)/Back To Radio(B-Side)/Molly's Song (B-Side)/Money(Live'' In The Billiard Room)
Side 12:
Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2(Rerecording By Rw & The Bleeding Heart Band, Berlin Sampler)/Run Like Hell(Potzdammer Mix)/Young Lust(Berlin, Cdingle Edit)/The Tide Is Turning(Berlin, Cdingle Edit)/What God Wants, Part I(Video Version)/Three Wishes(Promo Edit)/Confusion(Extened Version)/ Eyes Of A Gipsy(Dub Mix)/Lie For A Lie(Mason & Fenn, Extende 12")/Clowns And Jugglers(Syd Barret Studio Outtake)

* A TREE FULL OF SECRETS  (2000 version)

'66-'00     17(+1) CD(r)     6.5-9     Studio/live

Where the Rarities Tapes mentioned above were THE ultimate Floyd collection, this CD set outdoes almost everything. These 17 (!) CD's contain about just all the rare floyd you'll ever find (probably even more then you want to find).
As a bonus there's an 18th CD with miscellenious artwork (in jpg).
No doubt is the the near definite Floyd collection.
For more information  (and artwork) on these disc, see:

Tracks: To many to list. Click here


'67-'94         CD         8-9      Miscl.

A set in honour of ´bear´ (no capitals!) our hero running the Echoes mailing list for more then 10 years.

Pow R Toc H (20dec67, complete version with announcer)' / Behold the Temple Of Light (14apr69, complete version) / Breathe Reprise (dec 71?, early instrumental rehearsal) / Run Like Hell (demo) / Wearing The Inside Out (demo) / Money (rehearsal?) 


'66-'87     TAPE(?gen)     7-8     Studio

A set of miscellaneous songs. Contains "TheBasementTapes" with very early Barret songs ('Lucy Leave', 'King Bee' etc), 'Moonhead', Roger Waters singing 'Across The Universe', b-Sides and demos of Roger, 'Seabirds', 'Hollywood' and 'Cymbaline' from the movie 'More' and a few others. With the release of the 'rarities' set mentioned above, this one is a little superseded.

Side 1:
Echoes (Outtake)/One Of These Days (Outtake)
Side 2:
Lucy Leave/King Bee/Instrumental #1/Moonhead/Silas Lang/Baby Blue Shuffle/The Hit Soundtrack/ Across The Universe/Me Or Him (Demo)/Going To Live In LA/Get Back To Radio/Seabirds/ Hollywood/Cymbaline


1965-1967     CD(r)        8.5/9        Miscel

A collection of early floyd recordings released on the famous HARVESTED label. These are the best recordings available!

(Studio, 1965) :Lucy Leave/King Bee
(SF movie soundtrack): Interstellar Overdrive
(acetate): Arnold Layne
(alternate version, 27feb67) Candy And A Currant Bun
(Look Of The Week, 14may67): Pow R Toc H/Astronomy Domine
(Acetate): See Emily Play
(unreleased backing track, 29jun67): Sunshine
(BBC, 25sep67): Flaming/Apples And Oranges/Scarecrow/Mathilda Mother/The Gnome
(Studio outtakes, 24oct67): Scream Thy Last Scream/Vegetable Man
(Rotterdam, 13nov67): Reaction In G
(BBC, 20dec67): Pow R Toc H/Scream thy Last Scream/Vegetable Man/Jugband Blues


67-72     CD     10     Studio

A 'cookie' of the relics-album, plus eight more tracks (early singles and Zabriskie). All in high sound-quality. Before the official relics was released, this was the next best thing. (But this one still has some bonus tracks)

Arnold Lane/Interstellar Overdrive/See Emily Play/Remember A Day/Paintbox/Careful With That Axe, Eugene/Cirrus Minor/The Nile Song/Binding My Time/Bike/Candy And A Currant Bun/Scarecrow/Apples And Oranges/It Would Be So Nice/Point Me At The Sky/Heartbeat Pigmeat/Crumbling Land/Come In No.51, Your Time Is Up


68-94     4CD     7-10     Miscellaneous.

Contains LOTS of interesting recordings. Like early singles, top- gear sessions, unreleased outtakes, 'echoes' with sax-solo, music from the wall-movie (not available on the album), demos, b-Sides, 'money' from Knebword 1990 etc.etc.

Disk 1:
Arnold Lane/Candy And A Current Bun/See Emily Play/Flaming/The Scarecrow/The Gnome/ Mathilda Mother/Scream Thy Last Scream/Vegetable Man/Apples And Oranges/Pow R. Toc H/ Jugband Blues/Nick's Boogie/It Would Be So Nice/Julia Dream/Let There Be More Light/ Murderistic Woman/Massed Gadgets Of Hercules/Point Me At The Sky/Baby Blue Shuffle In D-Minor
Disk 2:
The Embryo/Green Is The Color/Careful With That Axe, Eugene/The Narrow Way, Pt.1/Binding My Time (Work)/Oneone/Fingal's Cave/Rain In The Country/The Violence Sequence/If/Cymbaline/Atom Heart Mother
Disk 3:
Blues/Breathe/On The Run/The Great Gig In The Sky/Money/Brain Damage/Eclipse/Shine On You Crazy Diamond/Raving And Drooling/ You've Gotta Be Crazy
Disk 4:
Echoes/Pigs On The Wing Pt.1+2/Comfortably Numb/When The Tigers Broke Free/Mother/What Shall We Do Now/Bring The Boys Back Home/Outside The Wall/ The Hero's Return Pt.1+2/Run Like Hell/On The Turning Away/Money


Miscel     TAPE(?gen)     6.5-9     Miscell

A compilation of all kinds of different versions of 'One Of These Days'. This very popular song has been a part of a lot of the floyd shows from the early seventies on up until their last tour in 1994. Jon Rosenberg (famous among Floydians) made this compilation especially for members of the 'echoes' mailing list. Of course each version is from a different source, so the soundquality varies per track.

Side 1:
7aug71 Kanagawa/30sep71 London/Oct71 Pompeii/Oct71 Studio/16nov71 Washington/20jan72 Brighton
Side 2:
22sep72 Los Angeles/13,14jan73 Roland Petit Ballet/11mar73 Toronto/24jun74 Paris/9sep87 Ottawa/14apr94 San Diego/16,17aug94


Miscel     TAPE(?gen)     6.5-9     Miscell

A compilation of all kinds of different versions of 'Axe'. Jon Rosenberg (famous among Floydians) made this compilation especially for members of the 'echoes' mailing list. Of course each version is from a different source, so the soundquality varies per track, but the majority is excellent!

Side 1:
23may68 Amsterdam/25jun68 Top Gear/Apr69 Birmingham(Ummagumma)/17sep69 Amsterdam/16jul70 Bbc/22dec70 Sheffield Side 2:
Dec69 Rome (Zabriski Point)/13aug71 Melbourne/15nov72 Boeblingen/19may73 London/7may77 Oakland


Miscel     TAPE(?gen)     8-9     Miscell

A compilation different version of 'Blues' which the band did. Some are live recordings, some are studio, so the soundquality differs a bit but most of it is just excellent!

Side 1:
Pink Blues (Offenbach, 26fev71)/Just Another 12 bar blues (Montreux, 21nov69)More Blues (Montreux, 21nov69)/Drift Away Blues (Montreal, 6jul77)/Blues (London 30sep71)
Side 2:
Seamus (Meddle, 1971)/Mme. Knobs (Pompeii, Oct 72)/I'm A King Bee (London +/- 1966)/More Blues (More, 1969)/Work-Afternoon (Amsterdam 17sep69)/Love Scene no. 6 (Zabriski Point, 1969)/Carrera Slow Blues (La Carrera Panamericana, 1991)/Blues Jam (Rotterdam, 7nov76)/Maisie (Barret, 1970)/Shine On (Alex Bollard Ensembly) (cuts)


Miscel     2CD(r)        8-9.5        Studio/live

A collection of live stuff on the second CD, but it's the first disc you want! Zabriski Point movie outtakes. Severals things not released anywhere else and all in great sound!

CD 1:
Rain In The Country (first version)/The Violent Sequence/The Red Queen Theme/Fingal's Cave/Theme #2/Rain In The Country (Rock version)/Love Scene #1/ Love Scene #2/Blues Scene/Fingal''s Cave (Basic version)/Love Scene #3 (take 1)/Love Scene #4 (take 2)/Red Queen (alt. take)/Crumbling Land (fast version)/unknown Song
CD 2:
Interstellar Overdrive (SF Movie)/Set The Controls (25oct69, Amougies)/Green Is The Colour->Careful With That Axe, Eugene (25oct69, Amougies)/More (11feb70, Birmingham)/Obscured By Clouds (2mar73, Chicago)/Childhoods End (2dec72, St. Ouen)/Braindamage (alt. studio version).


Miscel     2CD(r)        8-9.5        Studio

A collection of all kinds of Zabriksi Point related songs. This ones borders to piracy since quite a few songs are officially released.


1969    2CD        9-10         Miscel.

An attempt to create the most complete collection of songs having to do with the movie.  The majority can be found on the commercially availabe releases as well.
The ´moonhead´ part seems a bit misplaced. The ´Main Theme´ comes from the of the Commitee soundtrack. The ´Frank Zappa´ part is NOT The long lost tought collaboration of Zappa and Floyd but only Zappa talking with Set the controls from a totally diffrent and unrelated gig (BBC television)

CD 1:
Heart Beat, Pig Meat (soundtrack version)/Heart Beat, Pig Meat (film version) /Crumbling Land (soundtrack version)/Crumbling Land (fast version)/Crumbling Land (extended version) /Crumbling Land (film version)/Crumbling Land (rock version)/Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up (soundtrack version)/Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up (film version) / The Violent Sequence / Love Scene 2 (vibes) / Unknown Song (soundtrack version) / Unknown Song (rough version) / Unknown Song (early version) /Unknown Song (alternate version) / Moonhead (BBC-TV 7/69, documentary on the lunar landing
CD 2:
Country Song (soundtrack version) /Country Song (alternate version)/ Country Song (humming version) /Country Song (instrumental)/Love Scene 6 (soundtrack version, blues) /Love Scene 6 (alternate mix) /Love Scene 4 (soundtrack version)/ Love Scene 4 (piano/vibes mix) / Oenone (final version, sex) / Oenone (early version)  / Oenone (extended version)  /Oenone (short version)  / Oenone (alternate version)/ Fingal's Cave /Main Theme (The Committee sndtrk, 5/68) / Zappa/Set The Controls ("All You Need Is Love" TV, 8/18/68)


19oct69(?) TAPE(1gen)     7.5-8     London

Curious collection of songs. Claimed to be from 19oct69 in London but that certainly isn't the case. "Granchesters Meadows' and 'Green Is The Colour/Careful with that Axe, Eugene' are from the KQED broadkast. 'Jupiter's Eyes' is really 'OneOne' with some 'mud' noised dubbed on top. 'Trip On Mars' is 'Moonhead' and 'Cymbaline' also has a bit from a Zabriski outtake editted in the middle. 'Saucer' is only the 'celestial voices' part.All is trown together adding some fake-applause. Sound quality differs from track to track but most is acceptable. Strange and faked cookie, but still interesting.

Side 1:
Grantchester Meadows/Green Is The Colour/Careful With That Axe, Eugene/Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun/Jupiters Eye[Oneone]/Trip On Mars [Moonhead]
Side 2:
Moonhead/Cymbaline/A Saucerful Of Secrets/Improvisation [Fingal's Cave]


1970-1973     TAPE(1,2gen)     7.5     Miscell.

A collection of some rare performances compiled for the 'Echoes' mailing list.

Side 1:
The Embryo (Cincinnati, 20nov70)/The Violent Sequence (Birmingham, 11feb70)
Side 2:
Libest Spacement Monitor (London, 6feb71)/Obscured By Clouds-When You're In (Hollywood,Fl, 28jun73)/Childhoods End (Chicago, 7mar73)/Main theme from "More" (Birmingham, 11feb70)


1970-1973     3TAPE(Miscel-gen)      6.5-9.5     Miscell.

A collection of some rare performances compiled for the 'Echoes' mailing list. (A sequal to the previous)

Side 1: Once In A Million (Copenhagen, 13sep67)/Reaction In G (Rotterdam, 13nov67)/Let There Be More Light (ORTF TV, 7sep68)/Flaming (ORTF TV, 7sep68)/Sysyphus (11feb70)/Pow R.Toc H. (Rotterdam, 13nov67)/Atom Heart Mother (reprise) (22dec70)
Side 2:
Embryo (Hannover, 1970)/Alan's Phychedelic Breakfast (22dec70)
Side 3:
Astronomy Domine (17oct70)/A Saucerful Of Secrets(Rotterdam, 3apr71)/Mme. Knobs (Oct 71)
Filler: Vocal Warm up (Sacramento Soundcheck, 20apr88)
Side 4:
Echoes (Osaka, 9aug71)/On The Run, The Great Gig In The Sky, Any colour you Like (London, 17feb72)
Filler: Interview with Dave Gilmour on 'the turning point of Pink Floyd'
Side 5:
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Colmar, 22jun74)/What Shall We Do Now (New York, 28feb80)/Another Brick In The Wall pt.3 (LA, 7feb80)/Marooned (Oslo, 30aug94)
Side 6:
Echoes (Philadelphia, 9sep87)/Poles Apart (Pasadena, 4apr94)/A Great Day For Freedom (Miami, 30mar94) /Comfortably Numb (March? 94, rehearsals or soundcheck?)/Astronomy Domine (Miami, 30mar94, soundcheck)  


1977    0.5TAPE(?gen)     Miscel    Miscel

A collection of all Roger's number shouting during Pigs at the 1977 tour(about 20min total)


Miscel.    CD       Miscel

A collection of all Roger's ravings and rantlings throughout the years.


1980-1990       2CD(r)        9.5         Miscel. sources

A compilation of all different wall songs making up the complete act. The compilation is made up from the studio-album, the Berlin version, the Film version and the live-album version.
This can be considered the best-of-best bits and pieces from different (officially released) wall songs.


Miscel     CD         9     Miscel.

Apperently take out tracks that didn´t make it to the Delicate Sound Of Thunder Album..

19sep87: Echoes/Sign Of Life
28sep87:A New Machine 1/Terminal Frost/A New Machine 2
28jul88: On The Run/Great Gig In The Sky
4jun88: Welcome To The Machine/One slip

* P*U*L*S*E3

1994      CD(R)       8-9      Miscel

An addition to the official PULSE release. This one contains songs noton the commercialy available CD's but make an excellent completion.
'The Great Gig' is aborted (even Dave doesn't know why) and 'Run LikeHell' is aborted due to the bad wheather. Tracks:
Soundscape (28apr, Dallas)/Take It Back (30mar, Miami)/Lost For Words(30mar Miami)/ One Of These Days (17sep, Modena)/Poles Apart (2jun Philadelphia)/On The Turning Away (14apr, Houston)/The Great Gig In The Sky (5apr, Houston)/One Slip (22 apr, Oakland)/Marooned (30aug, Oslo)/Run Like Hell (5apr, Houston)




1968        VIDEO-CD        8.5  

The complete movie ´The Commitee´ where Floyd did the soundtrack for. It´s on video CD. This b/w movie lasts for around 55min and is pretty good quality (looks like 2nd or 3rd gen copy)


67-69     TAPE(1gen)     7.5-8.5     BBC

All recordings for the top-gear sessions at the end of the sixties. Sound differs from track to track, but most songs are very acceptable.

Side 1:
Flaming/Apples And Oranges/Scarecrow/The Gnome/Mathilda Mother/Vegetable Man/Pow R. Toc H./Scream Thy Last Scream/Jugband Blues/Julia Dream/Let There Be More Light/Murderistic Woman/The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules
Side 2:
Point Me At The Sky/Baby Blue Shuffle In D Minor/Embryo/InterstellarOverdrive/Daybreak/Cymbaline/Green Is The Colour/Careful With That Axe,Eugene/The Narrow Way, Pt III


67-71     3TAPE(2gen)     7.5-9.5     BBC, London

The complete recordings of all the radio shows FLoyd (and Syd Barret) did for the BBC in the late 60-ies early seventies. All from different sources but most of it is very good in sound. All of these recordings I have on different CD's and tapes too.

Side 1: 25sep67, Playhouse Theatre: The Gnome/Scarecrow/Mathilda Mother/Flaming/Appels And oranges
20dec67: Maida Vale Studio: Vegetable Man/Scream Thy Last Scream/Jugband Blues/Pow R. Toc H.
25jun68, Piccadilly Sutdios: Muderistic Woman/Massed Gadgets of Hercules/Let There Be More Light/Julia Dream
2dec68 Maida Vale Sutdios: Point Me At the Sky/Baby Blue Shuffle in D minor/Embryo/Interstellar Overdrive
12may69 Paris Cinema: Daybreak/Nightmare/The Narrow Way/The Beginning/Beset By Creatures Of The Deep
Side 3:
16jul70 Paris Cinema: Embryo/Green Is The Color/Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Side 4:
Atom Heart Moter/If
Side 5:
30sep71 Paris Cinema: Fat Old Sun/One Of These Days/Echoes
Side 6:
feb70 Top Gear (Syd Barret): Terrapin/Gigolo Aunt/Baby Lemonade/Effervescing Elefant/Two Of A Kind
16feb71 Bob Harris Sound Of The Seventies (Syd Barret): Baby Lemonade/Dominoes/Love Song


'68-71     TAPE(1gen)     7.5     BBC

Collection of BBC sessions. Some better sounding versions can be found elsewhere though. e.g. on 'One of These Days'.This one is recorded at a little low sound-level.

Side 1:
Embryo/Green Is The Color/Careful With That Axe, Eugene/Let There Be MoreLight/Murderistic Woman/Point Me At The Sky/The Narrow Way/Julia Dream
Side 2:
A Saucerful Of Secrets/One Of These Days/Echoes

* MOOED (Beta Release)

16jul70     CD(R)     9.5/8.5       BBC, London

The 1970 BBC sessions in awesome soundquality. It also features the long   thought lost 'Fat Old Sun', a version quite different from what the band  played later on at live shows. The latter is a bit lower quality but still  very good.
This one was the 'beta' release. The 'definite' release below is the upgraded version of this one. "Fat Old Sun" was played after "Embryo" but put at the end on this CD.

Embryo/Green Is The Color/Careful With That Axe, Eugene/If/Atom Heart Moter/Fat Old Sun

* MOOED (Definite Release)

16jul70     CD(R)     9.5/8.5       BBC, London

The 1970 BBC sessions in awesome soundquality. It also features the long   thought lost 'Fat Old Sun', a version quite different from what the band  played later on at live shows. The latter is a bit lower quality but still  very good.
This version of 'Mooed' is in the correct running order (with "Fat Old Sun" played as the second song)

Embryo/Fat Old Sun/Green Is The Color/Careful With That Axe, Eugene/If/Atom Heart Mother


16jul70/30sep71     2CD(R)     9.5/8.5       BBC, London

Both  the BBC show on the famous HARVESTED label. These are previously released as ´MOOED´ and ´MEDDLER´

CD 1:
Embryo/Fat Old Sun/Green Is the Colour/Careful With That Axe, Eugene/If/Atom Heart Mother
CD 2:
Fat Old Sun/One Of These Days/Embryo/Echoes/Blues


n/a    TAPE(1gen?)    9.5    n/a

"tribute" to Pink Floyd by the french band 'Rosebud' under the title 'Disco Balls'. It's a bit cheesy and borders to elevator music but acceptable.
The other side is also a tribute but much lesser to my liking. Some songes are not even recognisable.

Side 1:
Disco Balls by Rosebud:Another Brick In The Wall, pt.2/Shine On You/Money/Hey You/Time/High Hopes/Another Brick In The Wall, pt.1
Filler: Pigs On The Wing (Helios Creed)/Learning To Fly (Leather Strip)
Side 2:
Masryat #1: Have A Cigar/Free Four/Summer Of '68/Interstellar Overdrive/Money/One Of These Days/Arnold Lane/Main theme from More/Have A Cigar (US remix)
Filler: Run Like Hell-Potsdammer Mix (Roger Waters, cuts out)


'71-'87     1.5TAPE(1gen)     10     Miscell.

One of the famous Westwood One radio shows. Complete from original CD Contains recordings of The BBC session (1971), Dave's solo efforts (12jul84) and Roger's solo efforts (7nov87) Hosted by Jim Ellis. Includes all the comercials, too.

Side 1:
(1971):One Of These Days/Echoes
Side 2:
(1984):David Gilmour:Money/Run Like Hell/Comfortably Numb
Side 3:
(1987):Roger Waters:Wish You Were Here/Another Brick In The Wall


23/29feb72     0.5TAPE(?gen)      8      Studio

Interview with Dave and Roger talking about (amongs other things) 'Obscured By Clouds' for French radio through telephone. Dubbed in French. Filler is a snippet from a soundcheck in 1973. You can hear the band performing 'Obscured By Clouds' and some technician talking.

* INNERVIEW (1980)

4,11feb80     TAPE(?gen)     9.5     Studio

Jim Ladd talking with Roger Waters, analysing 'The Wall'. The show was in four parts. At the end of side 1 there's a few seconds missing.


Early 80-ies (?)        2CD(r)        9.5         Radio Show

From the Westwood CD's a radio show on The Wall.


8aug88     0.5TAPE(?gen)     9     Radio Show

Dave Gilmour talks about the making of 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. Very insteresting. Commercials are cut.


11nov91     2TAPE(2gen)     8/10     FM broadcast

FM radio show (commercials are edited out). Contains a complete overview of the Floyd's career, including several pieces of interviews with all members (except Syd). First half hour is a little distorted with a few drops of signal, but overall it has excellent SQ. Stereo versions of 'Arnold Lane' and 'Emily' (unfortunately, that's where the distortion is).


28jun92     TAPE(?gen)     8.5     BBC FM broadcast

Interviews and demos ('Money', 'Comfortably Numb', 'Learning to Fly') with Dave Gilmour. Dave talks about the Shine On box, Roger, Flying, his time in France and a lot more. Furthermore there is a snippet of Dave doing Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' in a reggae (!) version.


23jan93     2Songs     10     Studio

The Anderson Counsel (or The Pink FLoyd Experience as they call themself, too) is a dutch cover band playing only Floyd songs. I've seen them on stage during a Fan-meeting in Uden on May 6th 1995. their set consisted of all kinds of oldies (As old as 'Let There Be More Light', stuff from 'Animals' and as an encore the complete 'Wish You Were Here' album !). The programme-book of this fan- meeting held a vinyl-single with two songs ('Obscured By C louds/When...' and 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene') of this band, in a limited edition of only 600 copies. It's not floyd, but they did a really good job.


1994     0.5TAPE(1gen)     9     Studio

An 'ambient' rework of the album with the same name. It is rumoured to have been done by Trent Raznor or members of The Orb (Although I think the Orb does a far better job). Last part ('Shine On' pt2) is missing.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Fluffy Cloud Version)/Welcome To The Machine (New Age Version)/Have A Cigar (Take A Joint Version)/Wish You Were Here (Atmosfear Version)


1994     0.5TAPE(2gen)     9.5     TV-programme

A TV-programme hosted by Arthur C. Clark about the Mandelbroth set ("Fractals"). This show had music composed (and played?) by David Gilmour. The tape is a direct transcript of the complete programme, so the voice-overs are also on it. (If you know a little about mandelbroths it's very interesting and pretty easy to follow. If you don't know what mandelbroth-sets are...well just enjoy the background music then :-) )
The show was broadcasted for the first time in 1994 but the production time may have been earlier.

* INTERVIEW (1994)

5may94(?)     TAPE(1gen)     10     Studio

An excellent recording of a (long) interview with Dave, Nick and Rick, just after the release of 'The Division Bell'.The funny thing about this tape is that only the replies to the questions are recorded. The questions themself I have on paper, but are not on the tape. The guys talk (mainly) about the 'Division Bell' and how it came to be but a few things from the past also are reviewed.


1,4jul94     2TAPE(1gen)     10     Studio

The famous Westwood One radio show. Complete from original CD. 3 Hours of floyd, hosted by J.J.Jackson. Lots of snippets of interviews, stories etc.

Side 1:
Montage/Free Four/Speak To Me/Breathe/Wish You Were Here/Learning To Fly/One Of These Days/ See Emily Play/Run Like Hell
Side 2:
Braindamage/Eclipse/The Great Gig In The Sky/Any Color You Like/Welcome To The Machine/ Keep Talking/On The Run/Pigs/Echoes
Side 3:
Dogs/What Do you Want From Me/One Slip/Us And Them/Any Color You Like/Another Brick In The Wall pt.1/The Happiest Days Of Our Live/Another Brick In The Wall pt.2/Hey You
Side 4:
The Show Must Go On/Comfortably Numb/In The Flesh/Yet Another Movie/Money/ On The Turning Away/Poles Apart/Marooned/Take It Back/A New Machine/Promo


jun95     0.5TAPE(2gen)     9.5     Studio

A radio show celibrating the premiere of P*U*L*S*E. Both Dave and Nick answering questions form the DJ as well as from fans. Interesting and funny. The commercials and songs are cut.


Aug-95     TAPE(2gen)     9.5     Studio

A compilation of several floyd songs, covered by members of the floyd- mailing list 'Echoes'. There are some really well done versions and an unusual selections of songs (Fearless, Mudmen e.g.) on this. The songs are not exact copies of the original floyd but most have acchieved to give it the right 'mood', including wind-sounds, Sound-FX etc. Some are just instrumental versions.

Side 1:
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun/Grandchesters Meadows/One Of These Days/Fearless/ Medley:Whot's...Uh Deal-The Gunners Dream-Sorrow-Pigs-/Mudmen/Breathe/Any Color You Like
Side 2:
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 2)/Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 9)/Young Lust/ Hey You/Is There Anybody Out There?/Comfortably Numb/Cluster One/High Hopes/Breathe


20,28-Aug-95     3TAPE(2gen)     9.5     FM-broadcast

Radio show, broadcasted on the 'Sound Source Radio Network' in Montreal, Canada. This 6 hours (!) show on floyd contains lots of interviews with all band-members (except Syd) and related people. Commercials are eddited out, so there are 5 hours left.


1997     2CD     8-9.5     Studio

A double CD containing lots of interviews. Some are familiar, some are a bit less common. Most of these are from radio shows but there are a few recorded with which sounds like a pocket-taperecorder. This 2CD set was released on a label called 'The Network' assumingly in a series called 'The Network Conversations Interview Series'. There's another 2CD from this series ('Wishing', see below) which contains different interviews.


1997     2CD     8-9.5     Studio

A double CD containing lots of interviews. Some are familiar, some are a bit less common. Most of these are from radio shows but there are a few recorded with which sounds like a pocket-taperecorder. This 2CD set was released on a label called 'The Network' assumingly in a series called 'The Network Conversations Interview Series'. There's another 2CD from this series ('There's no dark side', see above) which contains different interviews.


various      5TAPE(2gen)     9-9.5     Studio/Live

A collection of all kinds of floyd tunes being covered by miscellenious artists. All are studio recordings, except the Phish part which are all live.
All songs are from different sources but save for only one or two, the sound is superb!

No Man's Land - Peter Principle/Dark Globe - R.E.M./Octopus - Carnival Art/ Golden Hair - The Shamen/Long Gone - 360's/Late Night - Minimal Compact/ Gigolo Aunt - Knox/Let's Split - Monks of Doom/Vegetable Man - The Soft Boys/ Long Gone - The Shamen/Late Night - This Mortal Coil/Gigolo Aunt - The Soft Boys/Lucifer Sam - Answers/Late Night - Winston Tong/No Good Trying - Replicants
Side 2:
See Emily Play - David Bowie/Astronomy Domine - The Walking Seeds/Lucifer Sam - The Three O'Clock/Flaming - Niki Mono & Nikolaus Klau/Interstellar Overdrive - Camper van Beethoven/The Gnome - Neil the Hippy/Bike (Sid sings Syd) - Fortran 5/Careful With That Axe, Eugene - The Anderson Council
Side 3:
Lucifer Sam - Love and Rockets/Astronomy Domine - Voivod/Interstellar Overdrive - Teenage Fanclub/Careful With That Axe, Eugene - Camper van Chadbourne/Bike (Son of Sid Mix) - Fortran 5/Set the Controls for the Heart of the Bass - Bassomatic/Lucifer Sam/Interstellar Overdrive - Marble Orchard/ Astronomy Domine - The Soft Boys/Lucifer Sam - True West
Side 4:
The Nile Song - Voivod/Ibiza Bar - Red Red Groovy/The Smell of) Interstellar Overdrive - The Smell of Incense/The Return of Eugene, Be Careful! - Electric Orange/Ibiza Bar - Replicants/The Nile Song - The Necros
side 5:
Obscured by Clouds/When You're In - The Anderson Council/Wots... Uh The Deal - Sky Cries Mary/One of these Days - British Hard-Wave/Fearless - Fish/San Tropez - Flip Sensation/Money (urban mix) - Paul Hardcastle/When You're In - Tiamat
Side 6:
Echoes - Episode/Fearless (live) - Fish/Time - Wrathchild America/Money - Elkie Brooks/Brain Damage - The Austin Lounge Lizards/Wish You Were Here - Flip Sensation
side 7:
Money - The Dan Reed Network/Brain Damage - Bim Skala Bim/Natural Thing [incl. some of Shine On] - Innocence/Have a Cigar - Primus/Wish You Were Here - The Busters/Money - Paul Hardcastle/Have a Cigar - Flip Sensation/ Wish You Were Here - Catherine Wheel
side 8:
Pigs - Flip Sensation/The Big Medley - Dream Theater/In The Flesh?/Carry On Wayward Son/Bohemian Rhapsody/Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin/Cruise Control/Turn It On Again/Another Brick in the Wall, part 2 - a;GRUMH/Paranoid Eyes - Herman van Veen/Dogs of War (live) - Laibach/Cymbaline - Hawkwind/
Side 9:
Phish: Terrapin/Love You/Breathe (instrumental jam)/Great Gig in the Sky/ Welcome to the Machine (acapella)/Bike
Side 10:
Vegetable Man [BBC session] - Jesus and Mary Chain/Daughter [incl. some of ABitW2] - Pearl Jam/Terrapin - Smashing Pumpkins/Lucifer Sam - Happily Ever After/See Saw (interpolating Pow R Toc H) - Bruce H/Astronomy Domine [partial] - This Mortal Coil/Crazy Earth [a bit from The Gnome] - Fortran 5/ Golden Hair - Slowdive/I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (demo) - Television Personalities


6sep98    CD        8-10        Studio

A combination of CD-sized book and interview CD, released in 1998.


6sep98    CD(0gen)        10    Abbey Road Studios

The complete internet broadcast of S.F. Sorrow by the Pretty Things, featuring Dave Gilmour on several tracks.
This CD was released in a limited edition of 10.000 (I have number 3168).
In contrast to the original recording from 1968, this one features narration in between songs. The narrator is Arthur Brown of that other famous sixties band 'The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown'.
The music performance is still very good (although the music of course is a little bit dated). Recommended!

S.F.Sorrow Is Born/Bracelets Of Fingers/She Says Good Morning/Private Sorrow/Balloon Burning/Death/Baron Saturday/The Journey/I See You/Well Of Destiny/Trust/Old Man Going/Loneliest Person


22nov98    TAPE(1gen)    9.5    BBC World Service Radio

The complete interview Dave Gilmour did for the BBC World service, taken off-air (mono broadcast).
Dave answers previously submitted questions from listeners.
Most notable he clearly states that he's not a reborn Christion, is not going to divorce Polly, there will be no album, no tour, no millenium show etc. It's even doubtful there will be anything new before the millenium.

* SFX RADIO (99)

22jul99    2 CD(R)     10      SFX Radio show

A radio show, hosted y Jim Ladd with a very extensive interview with Roger just before starting off his 1999 'In The Flesh' tour. A very good prgoramme and recommended!
Taken from the original recording and downloaded as mpeg files which in turn are put on cd.
Filler are two other 1999 radio interviews but in pretty poor quality. Sounds like an AM broadcast, streamed through narrow bandwith and on top a little bit 'coocked' as well. However, it does feature Roger talking about ticket prices and stalkers.

* THE WALL 2000

2000    2CD(R)     10      Studio

A complete wall show  performed by a tribute band (which I believe is from Denmark).
Most songs are interpreted in a recognisable way yet different. Some are good (even very good!) but there are also a few .... well you may not want  to hear that more then once.
All in all,they did a good job.  


9apr00    2 CD(R)     10      SFX Radio show

A radio  show presenting the premier of the Wall Live CD.  It contains close to the complete wall-show illustrated with lots of (snippets) from interviews with all member of the band and several people around them. Great show!


27apr01          2CD(R)        8.5      Bilston, West midlands, UK
Complete show of this Floyd coverband from Oz.  

CD 1:
Intro/Shine On/Astronomy Domine/Time/Sorrow/Have A Cigar/Pigs On The Wing/Dogs/In The Felsh/Learning To Fly
CD 2:
High hopes/One Of These Days/Careful With That Axe, Eugene/Another Brick In The Wall, pt.2/Comfortably Numb/Wish you Were Here/Run Like Hell


As 'fillers' on tapes, I also have some other stuff as well:

* From the 94-tour :
  - a 'Division Bell Anouncement' (feb),
  - a few songs from 'The Live Bell' (30 March) ,
    the San Diego show (14 Apr),
    Passadena (16 Apr)
   Giant Stadium (18 July),
   Oslo (29 Aug and 30 Aug).
* From 'Rock Aid Armenia' Two versions of 'Smoke On The Water' with Dave Gilmour (amongst others) on guitar.
* From the Berlin-wall rehearsal, Roger doing 'Bravery'.
* From the World Fair at Seville: A few songs by Roger (among wich 'What God Wants')

Possibly some others I may have forget. Any specials you want, please ask, I just might have it

Of all the 'regular' releases, I have (almost) all Floyd stuff including :

And lots of other stuff, too (books, magazines and lots and lots of good memories!)